Unexpected Concurrency when placing item

Game mode: Single Player
Type of issue: Crash
Server type: PvE
Region: Europe

The game crashed spontaneously while moving items in the inventory to different slots. After starting the game again, opening the admin console and moving up in the console command history showed an error message “Unexpected Concurrency when placing item” as the last console command.

  1. There was no clear triggering circumstance
  2. The action is causing the crash is only: move an item from one inventory slot to another
  3. Moving items within the inventory appears to become slower as the current game’s duration increases (as if subject to a GC peak, or as if impacted by memory leak, for example).
  4. Before the crash, the delay is significant (1-3 seconds)
  5. The game may suffer about a crash per hour when performing many inventory operations.
  6. Only on one crash occurance have I uncovered the “Unexpected Concurrency” error.
  7. This behavior occurs since the 2020-06-18 hotfix.
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Are you using any mods?

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