Unfair banish for nothing

Hello Guys

Before I take it out in public on Reddit, where I have more than 20k of karma, I’ll spread it here. This applies only to the incompetence of the administrators of official servers, which for months do not respond to bags and glitchers.

So, I and my clan were banned for no apparent reason. We have never blocked anyone, we have not blocked obelisks and important resource areas. Of course, we built a lot of buildings but it’s game mechanics, If you guys don’t like the number of buildings then ask the developers to limit the number of blocks - SOLVED.

I am a humble player who has played more than 5000 hours in this game.
And I tested it in the early access and here some mud person came and gave me a ban it is not clear for what. Well, maybe the one-day player complained that at me the lock is big and at it small, you know what I mean.
I will not choose the words here, because now are the days when I can play the game but I do not have it because we are banned.

I will also add that I have a family and job, car, house, and other important things, I do not need this blah blah in the comments on the number of hours played. This is my choice.
Earlier I won two competitions from Funcom but the prizes were not given to me and the last one was a T-shirt and there was something I was completely ignored with questions about where my prize was.
This is not the best time to ignore gamers.

We on low online server 1035 PvE-C
Clan “Death Bringers”
My nickname there “Conan”

And, if we do something bad that we don’t know could you please tell us, do not shy. And I’m sure we will do all to fix it. I always bought All DLC, I’ve brought a lot of friends into a game, made funny videos, and helped spread my favorite game on social.

Using threats is not going to help your case. Take your time to read the rules and the procedure to appeal your ban. You have better chances to get a quicker response if you use the appropriate channel and remain respectful:


I bought the game and not the forum. I haven’t seen the rules in the game anywhere and wouldn’t even look here if it weren’t for the ban.

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Please kindly read the rules posted above by @Narelle and understand our server rules as well as how to appeal a ban.