Unintended regen after not receiving damage

Game mode: Official
Problem: Misc
Crash dump link: (if applicable - fill out the crash report and enter your email to get the link)

If you drink a yellow lotus potion and don’t die, you have permanent, fast health regen when not having taken damage for ~4 seconds. This is signified by a blank white box appearing in your character’s buffs. This is game breaking as you regen your entire health bar within seconds.

Repro steps:

  1. Drink a Yellow Lotus Potion
  2. Look for a white square in your buffs
  3. Take some damage
  4. Avoid damage for several seconds

Repro steps did not do anything for me.

Do you have any dancers?

It happened to me and my teamates several times without using anything (like yellow lotus potion).
And once the bug is going on, it stays on your char untill the end of your session.
Restarting the server fixes it but it’s really annoying.

Death fixes it too. Temporarily.

Sounds like the dancer bug. There will be no icon after leaving the dancers radius, but you will regen health very quickly (almost aloe potion speed) after getting out of combat till you die or a restart of some sort.