Unintentional co-op hijinks!

Finally got co-op going successfully with my friend, and I’ve started twinking him up. However, since it’s my game he’s spawned in, I can continue to play & build when he’s not on. So, I built a Lesser Wheel of Pain, snagged myself a convenient T1 archer, and gave him a nice sniper nest on my roof. Next time my buddy logs in, I’m showing him around the compound…when I suddenly start hearing the tell-tale thwip of arrows flying past me. Lo and behold, my archer is trying to kill my friend!

Hilarity aside (and it is pretty funny), is there anything I can do about this? Would forming a clan help? Or do I just have to kill the poor ■■■■■■■ & start over?

Thralls have a particular mentality: “People are either for us or against us.” There is no middle ground with thralls. So if you want your friend to ‘not get shot at’ by your thralls, you’ll need to be on the same team (ie. the same clan). If you do that, then you both will be able to open each other’s doors, chests, walk around each other’s bases, and use each other’s gathered materials and workstations.

However, thralls gathered before someone, like ‘you’, join a clan can be glitchy. For some reason, once you join a clan, the thralls don’t want to respect your orders any more and won’t be moved. So if you do join a clan, be sure the already-tamed-thralls are exactly where you want them or else you’ll have to kill them and start over. Thralls tamed after you join a clan can be moved and ordered around by any clan member. So that’s not a problem.

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