Making thrall fight another thrall - how to?

I was watching some guys making fights converted thralls vs each other. Is it some mode or DLC? I cant find how to do it. How to make fight my thrall vs another my thrall. :smiley:
Thank you for yo reply :slight_smile:

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To the best of my knowledge you can not make your own thralls fight each other. Maybe with a mod but not in vanilla game. You would need some one from another clan and that would depend upon the server type. You could probably pull it off in coop with another player not being in your clan but tethering would be a pain. Welcome to the Forum

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Thank you, thank you :slight_smile:
What do you mean with that “tethering”? What tethering do you mean? :slight_smile:
And thanks again! :slight_smile:

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When you have someone in your coop game they limited to how far away they can be from you. Tethering. It is a bit but you run :man_running: aways you will drag teleport them to you.

I see! I got my own PvE server. So this could be a solution, right?

Yes. I have had a PVE-C server since early 2018 . You could temporarily turn on building damage that should get opposed clan thralls to attack or perhaps the battle flag. Gotta leave for work. Maybe we can chat if you are on ps4.

Great! Thank you. Sadly, i got only PC…

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Make a family account on steam, then make a character.
both accounts can’t be on at the same time or on the official servers.

But you can make the alt account have thralls, that will fight your thralls.

Also the mod Pippi allows you to switch clans and maintain more than one, so if you place a thrall while in one clan, then switch you can have thralls from the alt clan fight.
This is the method used by some YT gurus.


Alternatively, like me, you can have several copies of the game purchased for testing purposes. I use one of them on a private server with Vanilla settings to mimic the real-world fight environment.

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