Unlike DLCs, Battle Pass doesn't seem to share between Steam family accounts

I host a couple of servers through G-Portal. I’ve purchased all of the DLC content on my main Steam account, and Family Sharing lets me use a secondary Steam account to play the game as a regular player and have access to my DLCs. But when I bought the Battle Pass on my main account, none of the unlocked items are available on my secondary account. Each secondary account or family member will have to spend money to unlock those items through Battle Pass. I spent $30 last night for enough Crom coins to unlock the Premium Battle Pass, figuring I’d like to support the game becasue I play it regularly. But I really don’t want to have to spend $30 AGAIN.

Am I mistaken and there is a way to do this? Or does each family member need to spend money separately? I do consider it a drawback if they do.

battlepass is Client funcom only not on steam … so yes you are correct.

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