Unplayable now and theres no joy after paud for this game

Your right. And This was a mod causing this. I tried on single player and it was different with no mods. One of them mods is obviously JUNK.

Hardly. My PC is a high end unit. And everyone I game with who has this game have mid to high end computers and excellent internet connections…which isn’t a factor since the problem also exists in single play.

This is the only game we have problems with and we’re not the only ones. (in fact, it’s the only game I’ve ever had a problem with to this degree in 20 years of PC gaming) Many people have reported it and there is a large thread on these forums discussing it.

I’ve played some resource hogs on this computer that don’t even stress it enough to warm it up. The problem doesn’t exist with people’s computers as has been determined already. The problem is within the game. Clearly you haven’t been paying attention over the past year of posts on the topic.

Ten 4 big Dave you got the bestest computer ever and everyone has determined on the thread thingy… aaaand I got bored already.

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Best computer ever? No. But you could get a pretty decent used car for the money I laid out to build it. Sarcasm doesn’t suit you. If you’re bored, feel free to find another thread to troll.

You seem like a smart guy who knows his way around the game and a machine. You seem like an agnostic, as in there’s really no way for me to evangelize the smoothness and the lack of stutter. But when a chorus of sensible posters is saying the game is vastly better, or even in my case without stutter, I hope you would listen and take a couple of measures. I did the same thing.

The most common problem with this game is overdriving one’s video output. The second-most-common cause of what you describe, in both SP and MP, is the Media (SSD, HDD, hybrid drive) and its Media Interface/bottleneck.

The simplest way for me to diagnose these issues is to test on two or more systems on the same network. That in itself opened my eyes to the fact that even though the machine should drive 1080p, it won’t do it as beautifully as 720p. It’s a laptop, and I had been overdriving it.

Second, my internet is a rural potato. Third, I rented four different servers during Early Access, with mixed results from both server hosts and my internet connection to them. Fourth, I have a machine I wasn’t using, and considering the incredibly useful Server tools @Toolguy has provided plus collaborative support, I could install Conan Exiles servers everywhere. Once I was running a dedicated server on my network, all my confusion subsided.

Now because I know the game can run well, when I see glitches or issues on officials I can look past the mysticism, and with any luck file a meaningful report. I would hope you could turn your technical skills and interest in this game into an edifying experience that may help others.

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First of all, thank you for the kind words. And your post is quite eloquently worded.

Over all, the game is in pretty good shape compared to where it was. Funcom has indeed come a long way since early access. Yet I pull my hair out (figuratively speaking) every time I read posts of people not having this stutter issue. I’ve reached deep into my bag of tricks as well as tried a number of suggestions that I’ve found on these forums and others as has a friend of mine who shares this issue. He also has, shall we say, above average PC tech experience and he’s my go-to guy for network advise. As I’ve pointed out in previous threads, my entire group of friends who has this game has the same problem. This would be a real long comment if I listed all the things we’ve collectively attempted to eliminate the stuttering. Yet it remains, albeit not as intensely as it once was. The intensity lessened with the last large patch. In fact I wrote a thread praising Funcom for the progress.

Because of all that we’ve done, our natural conclusion has been that the problem must somehow exist within the game itself. The patches have been the only variable which has made any kind of difference for us…i.e. One patch it gets worse…one patch it gets a bit better. In fact, the problem didn’t exist at all for us until the massive update two weeks prior to full release.

At this point, admittedly, this has become a pet peeve for me and I suppose the agnostic analogy is fairly accurate. From the dial-up days to the present, I’ve never had this much trouble solving an issue with a game. Frankly, I’m at my wit’s end and until someone else comes forward with a solid explanation and solution, I’m forced to rely on Funcom to fix this because I just don’t know what else to try. If, in the meantime, I do find a solution, you can count on my posting all pertinent information here to assist the community. That is to say if I find a solution before I completely lose interest.


Hmm, sounds like a case of “Rubber Banding”.

Are you and your friends playing on the official servers, or are you hosting your own server?

If you are on the official servers, could you give a shot at hosting your own server and see if that fixes this particular problem? If it does, then it’s probably network related, and that could be caused by plenty of reasons (distance to the server, ISP throttling, router having issues, packet loss, …), and a traceroute/packet loss analyzer could help diagnose the issue.

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Dedicated servers and single player…happens on both which rules out internet connectivity.

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