Unplayable now and theres no joy after paud for this game

Your game is almost unplayable and theres no joy at all in getting constantly killed./ I am level 103 with a mod and cannot survive new asgarath. I had a Falgareth Captain even get killed in there and he had over 8K life?? Are you people Insane? This is not what I paid for. And the max level is 60 unmodded. It has also become a constant farmfest. Now you only get one swing at brimstone and one swing at a silver node?? What kind of Trashy game code is this??

I have no problem surviving in New Asgarth at level 60 with a farming build, so I’m not really sure what your problem is.

The game isn’t supposed to be 100% easy street but if you’re getting consistently killed in Asgarth you’re either just being careless or are really bad at combat.


You can adjust the server settings so that Thralls take more damage and do less damage. If you want more brimstone and silver per swing, you can also adjust collection amounts as well. Since you have access to mods, I assume you also have access to admin settings. If on a private server where you don’t have access to admin, you can discuss the server settings with the server admins.

Please refrain from making personal attacks on the development team by calling the code “trash.” You are free to ask for help and provide constructive feedback.


What kind of weapon do you use?
Also last time I checked, calathralls couldnt use calaweapons. Dont ask me why, I dont have a clue!

Staggering seems to have been revamped. Daggers will prove to be hard to handle if you try to kill thralls with them. Always being staggered during heavy combo.

Whilst I’ve not been back to New Asgarth since the changes, I can still successfully fight and thrall catch in the mounds in medium khitai armour with an encumbrance+survival heavy build … Spook (greater Jaguar) is very helpful at eliminating the t1&2 I’m not interested in…but then I send him home as he’s a bit too keen.

I have no issues what so ever in New Asagarth with 1 thrall in toe. However I have decked out my thrall with epic flawless armor, a steel truncheon with the blunting upgrade. She is insane, takes them all out for me so long as I don’t rush into the middle of 5-10 NPC’s.

I use a bow sometimes to draw a few out. Then Just stand there with a shield. I let them damage me once, so my thrall jumps in to help, then let her do most of the work. I also wear heavy epic flawless armor.

I have upped my resource gathering multiplier to compensate for how little I get on my own. I play with my gf so I have upp resource gathering and respawn rate, as well as how close stuff can spawn to stuff I build. I have zero issues with resources, or fighting. I am low 60’s.

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He may have implied that he thinks the code is trashy, but he didn’t call the development team trashy; therefore it’s not a personal attack. If I paint a picture and someone says that the color really sucks, I don’t take that as them saying I suck and if I did take it that way, I may need to seek professional counseling. Besides, he has a point about how often settings get tweaked.

Agreed…but because of the stutter that they can’t seem to get rid of.

Agreed…I paid for a smooth running gaming experience.

Agreed…there’s been far too many tweaks to the game since the official launch including resource drops and recipes. I personally wouldn’t like to have to relearn how to make things every time Funcom decides to change a recipe for no apparent reason. And it can’t be much fun finding out after a patch that resources that you were able to get at a good level now produce very little if you’re playing in a server where you can’t make variable changes; especially if said resource fits in well somehow with your style of play and according to those needs. And most especially if you’ve got many hours invested in that server since you have to start from scratch every time you change servers. Ergo, I understand the frustration.

I don’t know why Brewen23 dies so much, but if I could actually play and enjoy the game without all the stutter, I wouldn’t step foot in a public server where I had no control over the game’s variables. I’m sure many people would agree that Funcom changes things that don’t need to be changed far too often. And, no Multigun, that doesn’t mean I think they suck. :wink:
I’ve always considered many of the default settings to be a bit ridiculous. In that regard, I’m glad the game has an admin panel and dedicated servers can be set up. It’s the only way I’ll play if the stutter ever gets eliminated.


I don’t mean to derail, but question since you brought it up.

Speaking of the stutter, did the new building changes today make any changes around your base? I know you said that you had stutter issues specifically around your base location in particular.

I tend to agree with the OP here. The game is a bit much now with all the 5 minute duels with a level 4 thrall and my trunchen and the one shot kills from super creatures roaming the wilds. All you guys on the forums seem to always want games harder all the time. This is not the game I fell in love with any longer. Things just seem tedious and at times boring after this latest patch. Mods seem to be the only thing that keeps me playing these days.


You know I don’t like hard fights too. So I play SP, fine-tune my damage and NPC damage, and moreover, I use mods for lowering bosses’ HP as well! So my little world becomes quite comfy for me - exploring, building, decorating etc. One who wants it a bit harder may fine-tune settings controversially as well. I like this freedom.


No changes. The stutter hasn’t been specific to my base (but does happen in my base) and happens map wide. As far as I can tell, it isn’t specific to any particular locations.

Now, since the building patch, my character occasionally teleports when I begin a sword thrust and reappears at the end of the thrust effectively making it impossible for me to do battle. Just noticed that yesterday. I usually don’t even fire up the game unless there’s a patch for me to check to see if the problems have been eliminated.

Probably over 90% of the hours I’ve logged into this game were in early access. The stuttering started when Funcom released the update two weeks prior to full release and here we are almost a year in. I just don’t have the patience to play it in this condition. I’ve never seen anything like this and have never had these kinds of issues with other games…even the resource hogs I’ve played.

There’s some pretty good looking games coming out soon. I’ll likely just write this one off if it isn’t squared away by the time they start getting released. Damned shame. Been a Robert E. Howard fan since childhood and was looking forward to playing this for a long time.

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I like my games easy in the action department and challenging in the brains department. So no, I didn’t ask for harder-hitting enemies in this game. I’m actually pretty bad at any sort of 3rd person action-adventure games that require good hand-eye coordination and quick reflexes.

And I can beat up just about every non-Boss encounter and several Boss encounters in this game on my own. Surviving New Asagarth? Don’t rush in. Pick your fights.

I’m not invincible, nor do I act as if I was. I know that if I get hit a lot, I will die, so I won’t go pick fights with vastly superior numbers. I avoid fights I can’t win, or fights I could win but would cost me a lot of healing items etc. unless the rewards are appropriate, such as the drops from the Red Mother in the Unnamed city. (I bring a Captain with me to that fight so it’s a lot easier - but I have successfully soloed her too, it just takes a lot of aloe soup and too much time for my liking.)

If I, a self-confessed noob when it comes to combat games, can still feel comfortable playing this game, I don’t think it got too difficult.


I am not having a hard time. Actually I am having the opposite.

Sure there are some challening monsters, but I bring a thrall with me.

Capturing thralls is more strategic now. I have to take out a few enemies and then go in for the “Friend Making”


The game is too easy…

He is mad because he got spanked

It certainly isn’t too easy. I wouldn’t say it’s too difficult either for the most part, but it has become more grindy and tedious with the big patch (Unnamed City revamp) and that sucks the fun right out of it.

Decorations (except trophies) and crafting station recipes shouldn’t require players to fight bosses to get them and they should never require an item that requires a boss fight. They also shouldn’t be RNG based, but instead should be gained in the way it was before (i.e. unlocked by clicking a placeable or via feat selection).
The kiln could (and should) have been added to the “Improved Furnace” recipe for example.

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Grinding mats for certain items like bombs and t3 foundations can be a REAL hassle i agree, and there are some design flaws that need adjusting like the overall combat system. I went on a server just to test my fighting skills and went against a clan of 4 people, i literally owned all 4 of them, because they dont really know how the combat system works. Also i can go in new Asagarth at level 11 and pretty much own there with a stone 2h sword.

For me the main issue is combat and how everyone is locked place when an attack animation is being played, this DOESN’T mean you can’t abuse it, but it’s really dull at the moment. I hope they make it more fluid, making it possible to to attack swings while moving and sprint attack-charge attack when chasing enemies.

Combat is EZ go full grit.

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The challenge is way better now . Planning , random things happening and possibly death are all thing this game needs . If you need foam padding on everything I am sure you are aware of single player , mods, or a private server. I am starting to suspect Big Dave just has a crappy computer , now Tom with the weather .

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To bad you have had a bad experience.

For me the game have only developed to the better, but then again i havent had much trubble beside the stuttering on some servers.

Thats why i would try a different server and see if the problem consists.

I have characters on 5 different servers i play regularly now, 3 officials and 2 privates, none of them have stutter problems, but one of the officials can in peak hours show some sympthoms like you describe, but not near allways, and not even close to every combat.

Regarding the op.
I play vanilla, and have no problems in New Asgarth, little bit harder/more agressive npc`s, but thats it.

To talk about “thrashy” code when you play a modded server is just wrong…

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Been there, done that. The problem is on single and multi play, so changing servers isn’t the answer. Everyone I talked into getting this game in early access have the same problems and are all on different computers mid to high end and we all have very good internet. The problem is in the core of the game.

The only reason we figured that some people have the problem and others don’t is maybe the game isn’t well optimized for all hardware. Just a guess.