Unusual Objects showing up in the Sky, Wrong Sounds When Swimming, Blood Stone Creatures Missing

Platform: Xbox Series X

Issue Type: Unusual Objects showing up in the Sky, Wrong Sounds When Swimming, Blood Stone Creatures Missing.

Game Mode: Single Player

Server Type:

Map: Isle of Siptah

Unusual Objects Showing Up In The Sky

While in the north a month before age of war came out I was traveling around the northern Island and noticed these objects in the sky.

They were never there before when the isle of siptah came out neither were they there since any of the previous events and changes.

For some odd reason they only show up when your in the Northern part of the map and only behind the npc island.

They start to appear on the map from anywhere latitude 12 and up.

Wrong Sounds When Swimming

Every time my character is swimming it will continuously make the sound of it walking on the ground while the swimming sounds are active.

Even if I just float there and don’t move I hear the sound of it walking on the sand or grass.

The sound is like a continues walking loop. It doesn’t stop unless I get out of the water.

Blood Stone Creatures Missing

On the Isle of Siptah there is only two blood stone creatures. The rocknose one next to the ship in the redwoods and the one with the sand beasts in the south west ash section next to the forges.

After killing them and harvesting the blood crystals they never reappear. I have looked all over the map for them and they are just gone.

I can’t harvest them again to make more guardians or complete the challenge that wants me to harvest them 10 times.

Some times after starting my character over they will never show up. It’s a compleat hit and miss, or one time only situation.

If I want to make more guardians I have to spawn in the crystals and that just ruins the gameplay having to spawn them in.

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Thank you for reporting this issue to us.

In the first section of “Unusual Objects Showing Up In The Sky” could you please send me a screenshot of the map pointing to the location where you best see this issue?

In the “Wrong Sounds When Swimming” does this happen every single time you swim or before doing some specific actions before getting in the water?

And lastly, if you could also send us a map location for the spawns you’ve encountered this issue in, it would be very helpful!

Thank you in advance.

The unusual objects in the sky start showing up from anywhere on this point across the map.

Fom A-12 all the way across to P-12 and up to A-13 cross to P-13 they can be seen within that whole section.

I tried to get closer to them but they appear to be behind the invisible wall.

I just went into ghost mode and god mode and got this closer image of them.

After going past them I found myself here outside of one of the vaults. They Look like vault doors going across the whole length of the northern horizon.

For the sounds it’s every single time. If I walk into the water or run into the water from the waist down it doesen’t happen.

It only starts making the walking sounds while swimming when my character can’t touch the bottom.

It’s the same sound you hear when walking on the beach or on the land.

As for the Blood stone creatures they only spawn in these locations and it’s only one time that they do. After they are killed they are never seen on the map again.

These two spots are the only two spots they have shown up in.

The Rocknose one spawns here

The other one that looks like a man made of rocks and vines shows up here.

If there are more on the map than those two then they are not showing up. I have been all over the map and these are the only two that pop up from the ground.

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Thank you so much for your report and thorough information.

I reported this issue and we will try to investigate it as soon as possible, meanwhile, we appreciate your patience.

If any more information pops up, feel free to reach out to us :smile:

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