Unveil Essence AoE heal doesn't seem to benefit from Commando Signet

Could it be that this ability is improperly tagged & for some strange reason doesn’t benefit from respective signet? Just when l remove talisman with signet & w/out it - damage portion changes strongly, while heal portion - doesn’t. Same happens with Leeching Ray - but that one’s actual heal increases through Signet of Rifleman’s Creed, although tooltip - doesn’t. Whel l tested Unveil Essence - in field circumstances its heal doesn’t increase ((, but l think it’s supposed to, it’s Assault Rifle Power ability anyway.

l think Unveil Essence’s heal must be rettagged so its heal part benefits from Commando Signet (and the tooltip must reflect this too), and also Leeching Ray’s tooltip must display actual healing while using Rifleman’s Creed Signet as well.