Upcoming LEGO theme - Secret world vibes

Hi! I’m a huge LEGO fan, and I’m really looking forward to their new upcoming theme - “Hidden side”. It really gives me Secret world vibes! Of course, LEGO doesn’t make any really “horror” stuff, but it does make spooky in a fun way stuff. But look at these sets! Aren’t they remind you of Secret World?

Isn’t this one of the boats in Kingsmouth?

And this is the Diner cafe!

This could be the bus, after Edgar finishes it!

It so much reminds me of the Innsmouth Academy! Definetely getting this set first!

This graveyard is secret-world-ish too


Is that an albino alligator for Lumies?
Lego Joe Slater, the Lobster Trap (with near identical red crustacean) and Zombi-waster.
And I do get the impression of Kingsmouth cemetery, Jack’s tree and Innsmouth Acadamy/The Black House too, all from Solomon Island.
Sadly, constructing only a partial completable Lego wigwam-casino would not be very satisfying for most customers.


Oh, yes, definetely the Lobster Trap, haha, I forgot how does it look like! The set’s named Diner, so I thought about the diner in KM, but Lobster trap fits better!

I sort of miss building legos. Some of those sets look pretty cool. Too bad it is still so expensive. :slight_smile: