Upcoming Purge Changes and Settings?

Given the update in TestLive and soon to make it to live…

  1. What new Purge settings are recommended for testing?

  2. What new Purge settings are recommended for solo/single-player gameplay (starting a new character)?

The settings themselves haven’t changed (from what I understand). The Purge meter is more aggressive now based on your actions then it was before though. But its essentially up to you, the lower you have your threshold and your interval, and how high you have your Purges per day set, will determine the frequency of the Purge.

  • Lower Threshold means it takes less points to get there.

  • Lower Interval means that the Purge meter updates more frequently (1 = 1 minute, 15 = 15 minutes)

  • Higher Purges Per day means the server checks more often to see if you are Purge eligible or not.

And of course, you can always go with the admin commands for testing, which I wrote about here:

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Yes, that is true, but what I’m looking for is the actual numbers.

For example, when you test out the TestLive version, to see how Purges do, what number would you set? And when you decide to do a playthrough on the TestLive version (normal gameplay in single player), what numbers would you set?

I’m looking for a pattern of recommended settings (knowing that individuals will have different preferences, but I’m looking for ‘patterns’ and ‘trends’ among the testers). Sorry if my first inquiries weren’t specific enough.

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Sure, we all do testings, and this may be with different bases and locations or not.

I think here the quation asked by Bodin (OP) is more “what would you recommand to players for a new playtrough”, knowing that some players may have old DB, long time servers, and so on.
And that some people like still will lose base/stuff/thralls/pets and then be angry about.

I don’t care to start over, for me still a new experience, and part of the gaming-fun. Also i don’t really care to have to wipe one of my servers. But many people will care, oh yes, they will.
And we want it as smoth as possible. Not for us, but for them. :yum:

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