Update 2.1 - first impression

So far, I love it! The new benches look a-m-a-z-i-n-g, and as I was never one to do the “industrial factory” base build, I’m absolutely stoked* that I can now build more efficient crafting stations.

I must admit I’d misunderstood things at first, perhaps colored by a previous idea, as I thought crafting stations would be leveling-up the way temples do (more or less). But I can see why that’d be a gigantic pain unless the ability to pick them back up was removed and I really don’t want that.

T4’s appear to still be worth going for (which is as it should be), though I had - perhaps naively - hoped that their “essentialness” would’ve been toned down a bit. However, it appears that you still need T4 to get +9 armors (+10 actually, looks like it’s a flat +2 to stats per item), even if the particular “exceptional” / “flawless” naming convention is gone (a good thing), it’s kinda still there behind the scenes. Still, like I said: T4’s should be worth “going for”, and there’s better parity between having/have not, so a step in the right direction.

The move from head/chest etc padding to just one kind per weight tier is just a massive win overall, and I have nothing else to say about that.

I love the new “more powerful” dyes (as in more saturated/clearer colors), and the added variety on top.

More issues/“problem” might be found as I play around with it more. Just wanted to jot down my initial thoughts.

*(stoked? furnace? see what I did there? yeah I’ll show myself out)


Wait, did I misunderstand what you’re saying here? It used to be +9 to a single attribute, for a particular suit of flawless armor. Is the bonus for one armor now spread across all attributes? If so, that would be a major nerf :frowning:

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Ah no I guess I wasn’t clear at all. No it’s +10 to a single stat, +2 per item (to that stat).


What about the new siptah armors? They used to be better because at exceptional and flawless tiers they provided higher attributes than the old armors.

If they are now also +10 max, I see no reason to ever spend eldarium to research and craft them considering they also look like the old armors, so not even for the looks.

Haven’t gotten around to looking at them - haven’t had time to acquire them in the real game, so it’s a bit of an “outta sight, outta mind” situation. Your guess is as good as mine.

Reading this:

I guess I will have to check them …

My first impression:


I admit it. I laughed.

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Black and White dyes no longer locked behind the Purge alchemist barrier - aww yiss!

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I’m pretty sure that’s an oversight. It should be reported as a bug, so they fix it before it goes live.

@Mikey Sorry for hijacking your thread :smiley: @CodeMage you are right, I should open my own.

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