Update 23 may what is it

What is in the update that comes today?

probably pve xp on pvp kills so u can do mini from 5 to 80 without ever do pve, am I right?

What about broken BRC in raid finder? ;p

May 23 patch notes above.

Could you be more specific about this please? :slight_smile:

Probably the missing loot box from Levi, which is getting fixed.


What is broken?

Are we supposed to enter Raid FInder with an automatic stack of the Rally Buff ?
Not that it really matter since the fights are dumbed down to Straw Man-level anyway.

No, but as you’ve noted that’s a fairly trivial change so will be addressed in a later update. :slightly_smiling_face:


Nice changes in the patch.

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Flame Torrent hits for full damage. Not a big deal, but could 1 shot a bad tank.

The fire dot could be a problem if it wipes out all the melee dps when there arent enough tanks in melee range.

Well well :smiley: My golden lion pet now looks like a black tiger :smiley: Don’t know if this is intentional “fixing” to celebrate the anniversary but it’s quite amusing :smiley:


Safe to say that’s not intended. We’ve having a nervous chuckle about it over here, but that shouldn’t have happened in the first place. :upside_down_face:

We’ll eventually figure out how cats work.


WTF did I just watch :slight_smile:

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Aha! This is secretly a teaser for Funcom’s next game “Age of Cats”!!!

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Cat Simulator game?


“We’ll eventually figure out how cats work.”

Well, there’s your problem. Cats do not work! Cats sleep, cats eat, cats cough up hair balls, cats cuddle, cats get bored with cuddling, cats find toys, cats get bored with toys, cats love humans, cats get bored with humans, cats pester humans, and cats sleep…



but mostly Cats sleep…

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