Updates force me to verify game integrity


the last two updates when installing the update i have had to verify game files to reacquire corrupt or missing files, not sure about anything beyond that but this is the only game i have this problem with

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The standard question: Any mods?

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I have this as well after some updates, the game crashes with a PAK-file error. Verifying local files fixed it for me every time, so it is just an annoyance to me…

Hey there,

We’re aware of this issue happening for some players but so far we haven’t found a reliable repro case so our team can determine its cause.
We’ll send note again about it to see if we can spot the culprit this time.
Thanks for the feedback.

Am taking it that there’s a great chance this is a modded server? If so, and for what it’s worth…

I did get that message occassionally and got around it by always deleting the respective local PAK file before updating it by un-subbing and re-subbing. In my case some of the mods were Huge (+1GB), and I had a couple. I was lucky as the modders did something their side to drop the size.

So, next update, just go and delete the local PAK file, un-sub and re-sub and then start up and see.

If that works/fails, update in here so others can comment too.

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