Upgrading to Temple of Mitra, Temple immediately loses stability and is lost, all tokens lost

Game mode: Online official Server 6446
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PVP
Region: America

I was upgrading from T2 to T3 Temple of Mitra. After timer was done, it simply disappeared. Event log shows it lost stability. Lootbag of the 527 accumulated Mitra offerings all that was left, and of course could not be looted, so they are gone now too.
It was in a tight spot, and there were two thralls standing on it, if that could be contributing factors, but why can this happen without warning or way to recover?

This is such a loss of hours of time. There has to be a way to recover this.

I can see that this issue is well known, for the past two years at least. The last report on something like this was summer 2020. The Developer Team has therefore, supposedly been working on it. But perhaps it’s new for Isle of Siptah?

was it on the ground or on foundations? I had this happen 2x before I figured it needed foundations.

If the alter is colliding with something, overlapping with the ground, plaeceables, buildings, etc, it will be destroyed on upgrade.

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It was on the ground and it was in a tight spot, probably overlapping with all kinds of terrain placeables and thralls. So it was doomed. I get it. It still sucks, and it should fail to upgrade instead of being completely destroyed and zeal unrecoverable. Three plus years of this “bug” and no fix. Come on.

Same problem seen by one of my players today. His temple disappeared when he went from T2 to T3. On my side, I have several foundations that disappeared in front of me, the second I put them on the ground… (PC server, PvP).

Just a slight correction. Yes, it’s an issue, and yes it could be better (I like your idea of a fail to upgrade due to colliding with something message). But it is false to say it’s not been addressed at all. They’ve had several updates in the past that improved this function. It was a LOT worse before (having to stand within visual range, for example… ah the “good ole days”)

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