Upkeep on buildings idea

I beg to differ on the stability aspect of official servers. I remember a time when it was off for like a 3-4 week time due to something that really screwed up. I lost one server’s base but they did turn off the timers in time to save the others. No I see the main complaint on private is biased admin because for some dumb reason, people actually believe that you can have admin privileges and still play in the server with objectivity…just doesn’t work and I have yet to find a private server that forbids admin from playing in it.

Also please note I am not saying that PVP, PVE, and PVE-C should get the same settings. They shouldn’t because the games are totally different. What i am saying is it should be a thing because 1) reality is that larger structures do require maintenance, 2) spam building is an issue on all servers, 3) server lag is real and we loose more beginning players due to this than anything else.

Some kind of way to make officials cpeaner is needed. Privates are an option. But most NEW Players will go to free officials. Esp. during free weekend promos. This is where they make the decision to continue. I know if servers were as they are now when I started I would have bailed. I have bought all DLCs on PC and PS4. imagine if many like me saw the trash on officials and decided this game is too toxic for long term investment. Officials are the gateway into the game. They must appeal to many types of players. Privates are for those that know what they want out of game after playing some time. So limit no, but upkeep on officials is a must if this game is to EVER attract new players and have others return. Unless the current player base is such a “Get off my lawn” attitude type they don’t don’t want new players cycling in.

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When people quit the server which happens frequently, their properties decay and disappear. My surrounding area keeps changing due to decay. I was told recently, only 5 of the original clans (Siptah) remain on the server. That is a huge turnover in a year’s time even if it slightly incorrect. The server was full initially, so that appears to be reasonable assessment. Plus mostly newer players of late.

Any active server will have “clutter” since people would have structures / bases for their homes.

Finding a universally satisfactory way to answer the building problem on public servers is tough.

I don’t hate the idea of upkeep, in essence I think it is the most aggressive form of the current decay system. Now you show up once a week and you don’t lose your stuff. They could add a time per week you need to play to keep your stuff. Upkeep is a step beyond that, you have to play whatever time it takes to upkeep AND that time has to be used producing towards the upkeep tax. This will never be popular with people who have higher limits on their play time.

I personally prefer the area systems I see mentioned on the forum. I’d like to see a flag/foundation where the further you build from it the less hp the structures have. Helps players combat spam in PvP without limiting builds directly. If you wanted to solve spam in PVE you could tie decay to hp, meaning the lower the hp the faster the decay. Not the subject though…

It’s a hard thing to solve. I think it is important to point out that these are public servers we are talking about. Geared for new people to drop into and experience CE. Just go to private if you don’t like that people are harming public’s is not a helpful argument IMO.


Oh I like that as well…maybe make the bed (not bedroll but bed) the flag.

Anyone who plays all day and most of week isn’t gonna notice upkeep cost. Its only gonna effect players who show up part time.
Upkeep rarely if ever effects players like that.

Its ether trivial to everyone, or effects one group more then other. better ways to handle landclai
m then charging people parts/in-game money etc.

“chore” Depends how much you play… We already have alot of people ask for more then week timers, etc.
People have lives… some of them don’t XD
Upkeep, isnt as balance to everyone who plays.

IF Upkeeps was there from day 1. And it was a CORE feature of game from get go. We’d have little say to counter it.

As new feature?, that could break game, do to way chunk population of game plays? Ya… its not something that should happen.

What? give everyone a month? Massive back stocks happen… and the system didnt do much of anything cept drive people off server who had work a all month, or had new born? Family death?

Its got hit everyone equally, or its not worth adding to game.


Very good ideas.
Upkeep doesn’t have to be excessive.
Many players with more playtime have hoards of material as is. It would need to be balanced. Maybe cheap and raw mats only, removing cook times. Also, instead of every placeable/piece, just count Anchors. Items like large pens, thrall wheels, altars, foundations, pillars, fence foundations.
Basically making large builds possible on 0ve, where with ceilings and walls one could space pillars every 8 spots. making it 1/8th the cost of a pvp foundation based build.

Sorry, but this statement is just wrong. Plenty of people don’t want build caps that who are not toxic, accusing other posters doesn’t make your argument any more appealing

Building upkeep or building caps are somewhat common suggestions, although the reasons people ask for it are varied.

Every time it comes up people from all game types explain why they don’t like the idea or why the idea will fail to accomplish the goals stated.

I’ll once again go over my personal problem with building caps. They won’t stop spam, and they won’t stop performance loss unless the cap is so low that a player could use all their allotment on a giant pile of torches and not cause performance issues

This would need to be an extremely low number of pieces. Seeing as building is one of the games big selling points, and the DLCs lean very heavy into building it would rightfully make a lot of players very angry.

As for upkeep it’s would also need to be so low as to not effect the average player. Some people like farming, but for others it’s just an annoying chore that they would be required to do much more often, not to expand but to just keep what they have.

Then there is the question of what happens if a player doesn’t pay their upkeep? Does it just delete random pieces until you’re under the upkeep limit? Does it select building pieces in the order they were put down and delete them? Does it put all your property into decay?

Making the game more annoying for a decent portion of players is not the path I’d recommend FC to travel


Most that want an upkeep also suggest removing the decay timer. The only timer would be 24 hours if upkeep pit reached 0. During that time the original player can still reactivate, and if they don’t it will auto decay like now.

These same decent players are still farming and just building bigger and bigger. Many people prefer the building over farming and pve. But those same people are a majority of the overbuild8ng issue. The farming is sooooo easy to accumulate huge numbers, that they just keep building and building with no regard for other players. Look at how many posts there are about spam and how it ruins the game for many people. Being selfish is a major issue when it comes to shared free public servers. Rules only exists because people don’t do the right thing enough. We have had 3+ years, and still people will just build for building sake.


Unkeep should restrict large buildings, not any. If you don’t play much, keep inside the unkeep = 0 cap. (As I said, I think it should be big enough). But if you suddenly decide to go big, be prepared to pay unkeep. This is a way not to prohibit large buildings in ToS in unclear way, but to make them quite time consuming.

And let us be honest, on officials the creativity is limited. Many think they are making engineering feats, but 8n reality after about a month or 2 on a server, most builds look the same. Most of the creative builds require mods, or “tricks” which Funcom is cracking down on as exploits now. So making something larger is not necessarily making something more creative. Upkeep would just control the building addicts who think otherwise.

I beg to differ on that since I build differently depending on where I put my camp. Terrain matters in building defendable bases and so different terrain, different build styles. However I can’t help but notice the rectangular bricks of a base made w/ the same black ice layered with anticlimb drizzled with T1 foundations extending out like a spiderweb with splatters of alters or vaults. Dang near depressing, IMHO.

Sorry but what I see isn’t building…it’s just minMax cheese trash that exploits meta. Maybe the solution is to just separate the PVP and PVE entirely because the desires are just too drastic that there really isn’t common ground…which means I am out of the game eventually because I don’t like either direction (PVE is BORING! and PVP is just too meta with people just doing the lazy things)…maybe look forward to Dune.
I honestly believe there are ways to do both in a mature environment of give and take but if folks aren’t willing the give, then their really isn’t a point.

To your points…I disagree. Spammers are sprint workers and then they get bored and leave only to log in every week to keep timers up. This solution makes their work decay faster than others and therefore it because tedious to keep it up. Those that are concerned about their art will take the time to dedicate to maintain it…else rethink their blueprints.

Now you can take offense to my statement all you want…but if the issue here is folks that just take temper tantrum because something changed in the mechanics of the game and rage quit…that’s just dumb, childish and yes I don’t want to play games with that type of person.


An argument for a change needs to stand on its own. No amount of insults makes it more appealing.

People all have their own individual ideas and reasons to like or dislike a proposed change. Some of these reasons l mentioned in the post you responded to, and plenty of others have given their reasons

Ironically I actually keep a very small footprint on the server I play on. I have a grand total of 4 building spots, only one of which has more than one building. One of them is a public maproom. Another is just a building around a greater wheel.

It’s unlikely that an upkeep system would actually effect me, but I know it would effect other on players on my server. Some of these people don’t have the option of farming regularly. When your working sixty hours in a week, or a job takes people on the road just finding a way to log in and refresh can be a challenge some weeks.

It’s even more difficult for people who get sent overseas for military service or business reasons. It’s easy to overlook people in that situation.

Add to this that claim trolls could just take the extra time to farm a ton of upkeep ahead of time and it’s possibly creating a situation where they wouldn’t even have to log in weekly to refresh.

Trolls can also use way less pieces to claim land than people who are legitimately building. Just fields of single foundations.


This is contradiction. If a troll can spend time farming, then someone who actually enjoys game will too. If they are a troll, they are usually lazy and just enjoy how easy itvis to spam. If you make that harder by adding farm time to the enormous spam they can do, most would give up entirely.

Also, if someone can’t put in 2 hours a week on an official, then they lose thier right ro claim. Officials are like public parks. If I leave, I need ro not leave trash all over. That way others can enjoy the free space. Entitlement runs deep on Conan. So much they don’t see the damage they do to the anesthetics presented to new players when they want try game before dedicating time to it. We as older players owe it to present the most attractive officials we can have. But I fear the passive aggressive selfish players have run off common sense players.

Uh, no. You’re underestimating troll dedication to pettiness. They already went through the trouble of mining a hundred thousand stone just so they could spam foundations all over the place. What’s a hundred thousand more so they can stick it in a box knowing that after they do they don’t even have to worry about logging in for the next month and a half or more?


Until they find themselves not quite enjoying the game like they used to because play time has turned into a chore.

PvP players have by definition put themselves in a position where they may have to replace and replenish any and all items they have acquired, so it may just be another thing to them. PvE players have consciously chosen to avoid such a setting, and as such this sense of everything being disposable doesn’t exist.

I personally don’t care what they do to PvP servers. But as a game wide change, its a bad idea.


PvP and PvE players and servers have different concepts of game play. In many games that has both types- for example ESO has so many squabbles between the two sides when they share the same system.

PvP for example wanted to remove stacking of shield buffs which make sense for PvP since it would take forever to kill a player with that ability but for PvE it would make Raiding much harder since it would making it harder to live. When two systems have to co-exist together, there are bounds to have issues for one side or the other. Always best (not always possible of course) to have two separate systems which would avoid these conflicts.

A PvP server should have different settings compared to a PvE server. I am not certain what type of servers are raising upkeep and other type of anti-spam concepts but probably should be discussed as a server type as well.

ESO is famous for making changes in the combat system in light of PvP. Perma-block changes, AoE’s target a limited number of targets, dodge rolls for example which were all changed in PvP in mind but PvE has to adjust to. I play both so I can see the concept on both points of view in ESO at least. I am just stating this is a common issue of a shared system.

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the game is a chore…it’s literally spending time doing virtual manual labor in an imaginary world.

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