Uploaded character missing

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Bug Description:

I uploaded my character from an official pvp server, I wasn’t over encumbered, I tried to transfer to another one and got an error saying “error processing transfer in client during import token failed” , closed the game, tried again and no option to import anything, I repeated that a couple times still no luck even on the server I came from, I should have been able to transfer because the server transfer function is still fully open to use in the game and from what I’ve found on the forums when looking for a fix is that this has been going on since January.

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  1. Uploaded character successfully and I made sure I wasn’t over encumbered.
  2. I chose another server and when I clicked import character I got error saying: error processing transfer in client during import token failed.
  3. Closed game and tried again but now no option to import any character.
  4. Tried that a few times same problem.
  5. (etc)



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