Uploaded Characters?

Ok so I know character transfers been disabled is temporary, but what happens to the characters that have already been up loaded?

I uploaded as I was not able to play the map I was on at the time, took a break and now I cant download my character? gutted as I was max level and had all the blueprints…

Thanks for any help

You probably won’t get an answer about this from Funcom.

They have communicated that they’re working on it. No date has been set.

Others may comment their opinion here saying they’ve ended indefinitely. Just know that is not what Funcom has said.

From a recent post:


So I’m wondering how many old ones are stuck in limbo waiting to be released from their phantom zone prisons.

I feel like you could level up and get a character back to where the limbo’d one is and most likely further, long before this feature returns. If it ever returns.


Absolutely true…but if you got one that has a unique items on it that can not be replicated…that’s a hard pill to swallow.


What unique item would that be ? Just as an example.

Probably while not unique, people may be thinking beastial memories on siptah

Old yogs touch, atlantean sword that you got from a raid, undead pets, older dalensia’s thralls, captain thralls, I can go on and on of defunct or changed items that just don’t exist anymore but the original still works and held in many inventories


If someone is holding a prenerf but current thrall like dalinsia, they may be in for disappointment

Thanks for the replys, my character had items on it that where hard to come by plus it had every feat hidden around the game learned… I have started a new character on siptah for now… but hoping they dont delete uploaded characters…

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