US1 - PvP - Building pieces rendered incorrectly

I logged into US1 to find that my base underwent a redesign of sorts.


My character “standing” on the roof.

My character “climbed” the wall and is “holding” onto the ceiling.

I left my base and went to King’s Niche. Logged out of the game, restarted my PC and then logged back into the game.

When I returned, the building still did not render correctly. Did I go far enough away from the base to “correct” the issue?


The 31-Jan-2019 update fixed the issue with the building piece rendering.


Hopefully, it is permanently resolved.


It isn’t.
We played with 3 people yesterday evening after downloading the actual patch on the EU 2 Testlive server PvE conflict.
Not all building tiles were rendering correctly for one player of our clan, while for me the rendering was correct. After leaving the area and coming back the base rendered correct again for all of us.

That is disappointing. Outside of “waking up” inside of a foundation block once after the patch, my base has been rendering correctly.

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