Useless legendaries

Certain “legendaries” in the game are basically a huge middle finger. They’re either completely useless, sub par, or even give you a negative effect rather than a positive one with no perks to justify using them. For example, the weapons and armor that give you instant corruption up to 40-50%… WHAT??? For what reason. I read somewhere that it would later be implemented if we ever got sorcery, but for right now they’re sub par weapons that do zero damage when they’re on a thrall. On top of that, almost every legendary’s perk isn’t self-explanatory. You have to google it and the wiki won’t tell you 9 times out of 10 what it ACTUALLY does that makes it special. I’m tired of finding chests full of momentum that weigh a whole 15 pounds and do literally nothing special. Can they at least give us a way to dismantle them? Or add perks that are actually useful?? Sorry for the rant, but I’m tired of grinding for hours just to get the same useless loot that I can’t do anything with.

TLDR: Give us a way to dismantle useless legendaries, or add perks to them that make them usefull. There’s no point in grinding if all you get are weapons that detriment you.

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Can’t you already stick 'em in the Dismantling Bench? I mean the returns are meager, to say the least, but it’s possible.


No, Legendary Weapons are currently unable to be dismantled.


Fair enough, I stand corrected. Could’ve sworn I’ve done it, but I suppose I dreamt it.


No, you can’t dismantle everything, and legendaries are one of them :man_facepalming:t5:

Thats ok buddy. Kind of a shame, as Ive had around 5 spare Drunkard Blades and 3 Gods Eyes so far which I wouldve liked to dismantle. But no matter.

I mean those are SOMEWHAT useful. I keep getting momentums and el’s drinker :man_facepalming:t5:

I had heard you could dismantle them to star metal too but admittedly I never tried it.

Some legendaries can be dismantled. I am not certain which ones can/can’t, but my guess is that those that come from legendary chests with a skeleton key can be dismantled, those that come from the Unnamed City can’t be dismantled, and I have no idea about the other 50 million legendaries that come from other sources.




Be certain to scrub the stamp off too. :wink:

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At one time it was actually possible to dismantle legendaries in the dismantling bench.

You got some star metal for it. But not now anymore.


You can put the FoP Legendaries in there. And i think at one time you could put certain ones in there. But i think it was removed. But i might have just been in your dream :wink:

For the 5th perk in strenght, to activate the berserk rage while forcing your health at a certain percentage.

Good idea. But is someone actually using this weapon/armors like that?

I don’t have this in excel, but maybe I should - some world boss legendaries can definitely be dismantled and I get star metal, some cannot.

Unnamed city legendaries, that I have tried, like the useless armor cannot be dismantled. I haven’t tried all the weapons, but I probably should.

This weekend I’ll make an excel of which ones can be dismantled and share.


Actually I’m dismantling them in the bench… retrieving 3 starmetals bars ok, but it’s alway a dismantling…


It is a pain in the… to take ‘useless’ legendary weapons from the chests but i will say once more that ‘this is the philosophy of the game’. I love the feeling of finding finally the ‘Adventurers blade’ or Ranisan etc. If you have a great problem of storing the others, you can always give them to new arrives of your server. It is an online game and charity is possible :wink:.

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There’s a different between some weapons not being as good as others and just blatantly making useless legendaries. Ones that some may call “useless” because they have like 10 aren’t the problem I mean the ones that are actually useless in that they provide no benefit OR they give you a negative effect.


Meh, keep ‘em for a week, things may change. I never thought we would need the 6 million helm of the brutes that we acquired but for the time that medium armor was king and bear shaman got changed to heat resist we couldn’t keep ‘em on the shelf. Now they’re back to collecting dust, but who knows what may come.

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