Utterly worthless! Still. .

This is, really, only valid to online play.

When you log out, you lie down. But do you see the problem? Something missing, perhaps? I’ll give you a second. Got it? Exactly! A blanket! Blankets have been around since before the Assyrians. And before anyone starts on about being in the desert, spend a night in the Sahara in North Africa after dusk. Tell me how you didn’t pray to every God that was, is, and ever will be for a sheet. You’ll be coming up with new Gods yourself! These poor sods were ripped from family, nailed to a bloodly cross, and left in a land filled with evils and sorceries that had Conan say ‘Pike off’, and you cant give them a blanket? Show some mercy!


me, i stitched some hides into a nice sleeping spot. I can even pick it up and place it down over here, or perhaps over there. Nah. I think it looks better under that tent atop the rocks…

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