"v" key causes game to go in slowmotion / "b" key causes game to freeze in Scrapland

I mapped the “v” key to “move right” and the “b” key to “Interact”.
In Scrapland, the “v” key causes game to go in slowmotion. (when i push “v” again it returns to normal.)
in Scrapland, the “b” key causes game and my pc to freeze. (i must end the game in tastkmanager to)

Not in the other levels, only in Scrapland. (just arived there ; so i dont know about the levels after that)

I hope you guys can fix this for this breaks the game for me, cause i use this keymapping in all games.

Edit : well, i rebinded the keys only for scrapland, played the level , then binded them back to my liking.
So, no gamebreaker after all.

Really enjoying this game (in spite of the binding issues). :slight_smile:

Edit : i`m switching characters often now , so its really getting annooying i cant unequip items fast, but first must rebind keys every time.
Is there an ini file i could edit myself?