Vampires And Vampire God

What you guys think about Vampirism as a wirus with you can be infected by real vampires?
It will player an additional skill tree and perks like increased health and stamina regeneration when you are in Vampire form. But there could be “penalties” like increased disgust to light etc.
All vampires have to drink blood from human NPC to stay strong.
The whole update will add coffins, spider webs, new outfits that can protect player from light (by %) and all that Vampiric stuff. Perks from skill tree allow you to transform into bat (it could be usefull when you will need to escape)
And of course you could transform into a Vampire God with have more special abilities.
Tell me your ideas in the comments but so far it could be a good addition to the game.
Meaby Devs can add werewolfs in a future updates? :slight_smile:


Tech speaking they could add in a tribe that worship the white bat as a god and that god could give its follower the vampirism effect by sacrificing X victim… And once all is met then cut-scene of you drinking the lord freshly bleed from a goblet. Thus mark the start of your new life as a Vampirism. Sandstorm no longer hurts you but sunlight does.

You run faster at night and have constant night-vision while daytime is brighter to you.
And during battle you have a special ability to feed but only on alive humans that double as a regeneration for Thirst . For your health regen is completely stopped. But you will gain an 1 hr buff for a 1 Health Per Second tick each time you feed. You gain a perma 4 pts into strength / agility / vitality but lose 4 points in encumbrance and survival . And the buff from Cold no longer affect you. Heat will still affect you though. Just so you know you cannot Feed on other vampires. for it will induce poison instead

And you gain access to vampirism outfit provide that you are loyal to the faction by donating additional victim (Thrall that you own) to the vendors. Like you said various different outfits n such base on their stuff. Most notably a head piece gear that is a Cloak that protect you from the sunlight.

If not worn in sunlight then you will take additional heat and you water level will decrease at rapid pace.

the idea here is grant power but at the same time give risks that would be a choice between being human or being vampire.

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Modern day vampires aren’t really a part of the Conan mythology. Conan meets Akivasha in Hour of the Dragon, and she’s the closest we get - a Stygian (I think) immortal woman who plays with dark rituals and drinks blood to preserve her eternal youth. I think she was actually called a vampire in the book.

But most elements that are attached to vampires in modern Western pop culture were never really a thing in Howard’s Conan stories. I think they’re better left in Elder Scrolls.

Werewolves… There are already werehyenas in the game, as part of Jhebbal Sag’s follower cult. No reason why werewolves couldn’t exist too - but again, not in the shape and form they exist in modern Western pop culture.

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What? You mean there’s no emo high school vegetarian vampires covered in glitter in the Conan universe? That’s crazy! How could Howard have missed that? :dizzy_face:


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