Vanished or Banished or Just Gone?

Basic Info:
Platform: Steam
Issue Type: Other
Game Mode: Online Official
Server Type: PvE-Conflict
Map: Isle of Siptah
Server Name: 6107
Mods: None

Bug Description:

So, we HAD a huge base at the lake at H-I 5 on Siptah Server 6107, months and years of work vanished. I logged in today to get some thralls off the wheel that were put on yesterday and it’s gone. All gone. Only the existing thralls, some fish traps and the pet pens remain. The castle walls, the market place, the wheel, the tower, all gone. Looking across the way, my neighbor, who also had a huge base up on the mesa, has experienced the same thing. Nothing but thralls. We’ve experienced anomalies there before (a Sanctum of Set disintegrated about a year ago) but nothing this massive. I’m in game every day, and no one contacted me about a rule violation or anything, and no emails, so I’m hoping this is a) a new bug and b) something that can be rectified by admins. I don’t want to have to start over and by the time I start, it’s likely neighbors will have already “expanded” into the footprint of my old base. Truly need some dev/admin help here.

Edit: had a clan mate log in, it’s truly gone.

Bug Reproduction:
Just logged in to retrieve thralls from wheel


Nobody ever will.

If you had a base that’s way larger than what you’d reasonably need (like the typical giant PvE bases with all altars and even your blacksmith thrall having its own house) - and it kinda sounds like you did based on the “years of work” part… - then all it takes is a report from someone to draw attention to it and you will get the base wiped as well as a suspension (you’ll know at the next restart if you’ve been suspended as that’s when it applies)

If that’s the case, then you can ask for more info / appeal a ban (temporary suspensions cannot be appealed) at Zendesk

Also, you can check this thread to see if you can figure out a potential reason for it based on whether you did any of the listed things


Oh ya, that is an admin wipe. I assume the fish traps and animals pens weren’t contiguous? But ya, if all your nonbench thralls are just standing around, you got poofed.

And yes, the general consensuses is players need a warning.

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Well, I had three bases on this siptah map. Evidently they are all gone, clan mate just texted me.

As to the flexibility, there are other, larger bases evidently still standing. Ours was a walled fort that permitted folks to run across it. There was no “land claim” as shown in the link (thanks Xevyr), just a walled base with some nice features, we were building a market place but I think that’s a forlorn hope now. The others, wont likely stick around after this. This is so sad. All that effort, all that fun and comradery just wiped? I play on several servers and this base was by no means a large one.
It also seems to have effected everyone in that general area, myself and several others. Still, the text from the clan mate says our other bases were dropping things like they decayed. I was at them all yesterday and over the weekend updating some things we’d gotten from the bazar. So maybe we’re being poofed.

Can’t get the nerve up to go back right now. Such a huge blow. I’ve been with CE since the first days of EA, and never expected this to happen. I’m going to have to rethink this whole thing and see where it leaves me.

If anyone wants a base at the crevice on 1517 DM me…truly upsetting, I think it’s time to go.

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I think one of the mistakes people make is getting in to the mind set of RPing on a public severer.

It could be worse. I’m shy about private servers for a few reasons, number 1 is, after months of play and building I go to log in and…

Funcom isn’t know for closing servers because Sally thinks Jeff is cuter. So I do feel more comfortable in the long term on a public server, and can see how it is easy to fall in to the “build a village” frame of mind.


If you were poffed I feel people should get a warning probably other clans on server writing tickets some of the clans playing on our ps4 server threatening to do that too each other. Sorry for what you have lost @ViulfR

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Thanks Sestus2009. A warning and a chance to correct it would have been good. I think this new method or rule is just another way to grief people as Deacon says, people who can’t best you one way, finding another. I’ve been there, in that spot for years and now so suddenly I’m gone.

I would point out, for Deacon, that in the early days of EA, building villages was a goal the dev’s had in developing the game. Thralls, the purge, and more were designed to create a sense of community that clans could build and run. So it’s not so much a mind set of RPing, but rather, having been here too long and remembering to much.

My base on 6107 was actually one of the smaller bases; there are many much larger, and truly, on every server I’ve ever visited. 1823, 1517, and 6108 all have large (and IMHO) amazing castles and villages that dwarf anything I’ve ever built. In point of fact, what I started on 6107 was the first “not a tower” I’ve ever built.

Silly me, I guess those big endeavors are for some, but not for all. I do wonder how that works and what game is really being played.

Still, it’s been fun, and my only regret is that I just spent money on the bazar for a game I probably will no longer play.

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They did mention multiple times though that while it is indeed a goal of the game, it is not the goal of official servers.

Here’s a link to the actual Terms of Conduct for official servers:

As you can see there are a few mentions of these things, though not overly specific, but they do mention that all you’re meant to build there involves grabbing a single spot for your base and pretty much suggests the idea of minimalistic builds to allow as many players on the server as possible.

This is suggested by some of their other posts here and there over the years as well as that landclaim thread I previously linked.

Yea… the thing about that is they don’t actively monitor the servers, when they get a report about somebody specific they investigate that person / clan, so even though others have larger bases, they probably didn’t get reported or their reports weren’t processed yet.

If you want to have larger creative builds that are akin of a Town… a marker or a walled off fortress etc, then it’s really not a compatible playstyle with official servers. For that I recommend private servers where the rules are clear about these types of buildings and they’re allowed.

Many people who got banned from officials in similar circumstances went on to make their own server actually or join another already established one with all their clanmates. (plus private servers will run way better and you won’t have a large majority of the AI glitches and weird bugs) Officials are really the “public transportation” of servers…

In any case, I saw your reddit post, sadly as you can see in that thread I linked above, Funcom does not reimburse any items or anything regardless of how they got lost so whether it was a bug… a ban… it won’t make much of a difference.

Good luck!


Honestly I don’t thin Funcom nows what they want I’m seeing gigantic bases on official believe it is who reports who first. It is why we kept a low profile


and clear rules, and limit put in games

We’ve debated on this subject ad nauseam and gotten no place. Either funcom isn’t listening or funcom doesn’t care.

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The admin came to you and saw your neighbor and strikes it too. I feel your pain i suffered the same last year, i had a base done before he rule enforcements, and failed to adapt it. Then some toxic players took advantage of it to make me got banned. Now i has a base of 20x20x20 and managed to put everything in. But i continue thinking that FC should give the players at least one warning, os state the rules in the daily message like in private servers does, not all the rules but the most important ones, they put a link as we log in but inside the game we cant copy past soo to visit this link one will have to type the entire URL, no one does it. Its a simple thing to do and would save everyone a lot of time. Hope you can recover from it.

Edu and others, thanks for your insights. Obviously my base preceeded the ban as well, not that it matters much now. I feel sorry for Funcommie, in a small way, in that they are seeding the fields of their game’s demise. So sad that. But how also utterly typical. I’ve enjoyed Funcommie’s games since AoC and always marveled at their ability to screw the pooch.

In the future (who am I kidding, this is funcommie we’re talking about), perhaps they’ll do things better:

  1. let you know you’re in violation and give you time to react (as most private servers do)
  2. give folks notice server wide when a bannable offense is incoming (across the server) as a rule set, other than “read the rules”…as if many do that…or ask for instructions…or as if there’s even a number 6…
  3. at least do things in conference with genre if not Canon: If you’re going to get your base banned and can’t listen/change/adapt, then do it a truly Conan way. All bases greater than X (1,000, 10,000, whatever is the right number of grid squares are) are suddenly no longer PVE or PVE-C, they are now full on PVP for the entire area of the base. In essence, don’t let one whiny bitch ruin things for players, give players and incentive to stand and defend or run away, and let the server enjoy the spoils…instead of hanging around like a pack of starved jackels waiting for a meal to drop.

Conan smiles in agreement with number 3, but wonders why there’s never a 6.


p.s. I’ll be around, at least until beta for Pax Dei. Enjoy, have fun, and don’t let the small minded petty’s of the world get you down…whether it’s funcommie or server mates or RL. Enjoy life, it’s the only thing they can’t thwart.

The 3rd item is great idea, it would be very interesting

Well Edu, I’ll probably never know about number 3. Now there’s a warning when I try to log into official servers that my account is suspended until 5-16-2023…meaning anything I ever had on any other server but a private one will be gone. No need to log in ever again. So folks, enjoy the pickings, I have no reason to go back now. Sadly, my clan mates all report having the same notice, so it’s across the board.

To all the folks I had fun playing with, thanks for the memories. It was, like AoC before it, great while it lasted.

To all else, enjoy!

I mean :man_shrugging: you could always just play on a private server.
Honestly… officials are just bad quality… the game is so much more enjoyable on a private server where your followers don’t run off to attack bushes instead of enemies and people don’t teleport all over the place… you never know… maybe they did you a favor…

That’s far from general consensus.

The difference between that and the other two suggestions – a warning system and “clear” (whatever that means) rules – is that those two don’t impose your own personal preferred playstyle on others. They merely make the rules Funcom already imposes clearer.

If you want to play your own way, you have single-player, co-op, and private servers.