Various PVP Server Types?



I’ve been testing out PVE and PVE-Conflict servers, but I was curious as I saw three different types listed for PVP. What is the difference between the three:



As for now, there is neighter pvp-c nor pvp-mayhem.
I dont know what pvp-c would be like… Maybe killing each other 24/7 with no raids at all?

PvP mayhem has been a full pvp including 24/7 raiding type. Obviously offline raiding becomes even more of an problem on these…

However I would love some kind of pvp-heretic kind of server. Like no gods and no religion at all. (Rendering avatar defense and all religion items unattainable as well.)


Sorry for my ignorance but what is 24/7 Raiding mean?

So in regular PVP server you can’t kill another player whenever you want?


Well, you have played pve-c, so you probably encountered other people killing you between 17 and 23pm.

For PvP servers, you can kill other players at all times (given you can kill them) but raiding (=damaging and plundering other peoples bases) is limited to 17 to 23 pm.

And as for 24/7 raiding, this applied to pvp-mayhem, it means you can/could attack other peoples bases all the time.


Ah ok so:

PVP = Fight other players anytime but can’t raid
PVP-Conflict = Fight other players and can raid only certain times
PVP-Mayhem = Maybe that means you can fight other players and raid anytime?


PVP = Standard 24/7 PVP + Raiding times were you can destroy enemy buildings (17-23 mostly)
PVE = Standard 24/7 PVE, no pvp, no raiding
PVE-Conflict = PVE with PVP Time (17-23 mostly), you cannot destroy any enemy buildings
PVP-Conflict = there are currently no such servers, also it doesn’t make sense at all to have such? maybe it was planned for raiding + pvp on specific timeframes
PVP-Mayhem = 24/7 PVP + 24/7 Raiding, there are currently no official servers for this, think it would be way to chaotic


Added in quote.
As for the last one - yes!


OK, when I was first choosing a server, I saw a drop down that listed those three PVP servers. So maybe left over info from something that might of been.