Vault bosses and chests

So are the bosses at the end of vaults supposed to be dropping keys?? I’ve done two now no key drops and no way to open the locked chests :sleepy:

The bosses at the end of a dungeon to my knowledge never dropped any key.
Boss keys drop from world bosses, before last update even the huge black manbearpig or w/e they are called dropped them, but not anymore I think.

Stick with world bosses, almost all of them drop a key.

For the boss chest you don’t need a key, sometimes it takes a while before you can open this chest after you killed the boss, so wait a little and aim in different directions if it doesn’t open.

I don’t know why but sometimes chests are kinda hard to open. The chests requiring a key might be visible to you but maybe you can’t open it… when I asked a friend if he saw the chest he said no… so I guess it was only visible for me that time I wasn’t able to unlock it.

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Thanks for the info :+1: I’ll make sure I have a key before I do vaults from now on. I’ve always been able to open the boss room chest but there’s always another chest in the vault somewhere that I’ve never been able to open.

Yeah those chests are simuliar to the other legendairy chests, but these doesn’t look like just a “Large chest” haha

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