Vaults should break if held up by nothing

So I raided a base and broke all of the ceiling tiles a vault sat on… and it floated.
This is the only item that stays if you destroy everything under it. Absolutely ludicrous.

Please fix this, nothing should just be able to float.


You are unaware, I take it, of the Hyperborean’s donation of wisdom to the rest of the land, on anti-gravity vault mechanics, utilizing intense electromagnetic fields and crafting techniques that were long hidden, until recently? Some call it sorcery, for them it was science.


Rofl, I had this same issue. We were so excited to have finally destroyed everything it touched… But there it was floating in the air, and us with broken fighting spirits. sigh
Lol, so yes please fix.

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The vault should not break that would defeat the whole point of making a tough vault if someone could just destroy the ceiling tile or foundation and have everything inside completely ignoring the vaults hitpoints and toughness.

What should happen is the vault fall to the ground rather than float in the air. Ark does something like this with its vaults, if you destroy the building under them they fall to the ground at that spot.

If the devs could implement that… it would really be great. In the meantime… I might have to test putting my vaults in the air… by building foundations and then destroying them… leaving the vault off the ground.

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Hmm… hover bases

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