Video card is getting very hot on the new map

Since I have been playing on the ISLE OF SIPTAH map I have noticed a great warming up of my GPU I cannot say if it is a bug or something like that, but in other games it does not happen to me. Can you explain the reason for this?

Video Placade: GTX 1060 3g
Prosecutor: Ryzen 5 1400
Ram: 12gb

Translation: Google translator

This is a midline GPU. If it’s running hot, lower your video settings to mid or low rather than high or ultra.

The older the graphics card, he more it has to work to render current games.

About what temperature are we talking here? Most cards nowadays can run fine at around 90°C, only above that it will be too hot and can start to damage the card.
So if your card is on full load and heating up to something below that number I wouldn’t worry that much.

Same, better after last patch.

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