Violence Towards Non-Hostile NPCs

Considering how long I have been playing this game, I should have asked this one long before now. But given how far my character has come, and the fact that I cannot disable the autosave feature, I was not game to just try it for myself and see what happens. These may be silly or obvious questions, but I will ask them anyway. I am currently wondering:

  1. If I attack a non-hostile named npc or religion trainer, for example Braga, Vathis, Met Kamoses or Nunu the Cannibal:
    a) can they be killed, and what is their respawn time (if they even do)?
    b) if they are not killed, how long until they revert back to a non-hostile state (if they do)?
    c) can they be knocked out and enslaved?

  2. Largely the same as question 1, but in relation to the ordinary denizens of Supermeru. I know they can be enslaved, but:
    a) again, if attacked, how long would it take them to revert to a non-hostile state?
    b) can merchants be killed or enslaved, and what is their respawn time?

I actually thought those same questions myself and couldn’t resist trying on the official server I play on. Let me preface that I play on an xbox, in case it makes a difference.

No, I was neither able to kill or enslave any of the NPC’s I could interact with. This covered everyone from Nunu to the merchants. I would see their health bars, but they would not decrease.

With respect to the ordinary denizens, they all seemed to respawns within a few minutes of my killing or enslaving them. This is good to do, as it lets you cycle through and find better versions.

Did attacking the named npcs and trainers turn them hostile towards you, ie- did they fight back?

So…if you do attack an ordinary denizen of Supermeru, will the entire town then turn hostile towards you, or just the victim!?

Nope. They just ignore your blows entirely.

They don’t turn hostile in the first place.

Until fairly recently, you could do all of the above to Vathis the Hierophant (he was not a talking NPC then), and he’d respawn after ~15 minutes (same timer as anyone else). He could also respawn in a female version. A few patches ago (or last patch, if you don’t count the hotfixes), he was turned into a talking NPC that could no longer be attacked or tamed.

Ordinary denizens of Sepermeru (Fighers, Archers, and the various crafters) can be attacked and enslaved as normal (as you know). I don’t know how long until they turn non-hostile again, as I always just kill 'em. Merchants count as story NPCs and can’t be killed IIRC (been a while since I tried that though). Last I tried you could knock them down/out, but they’d continue talking to you (selling you stuff). You can’t enslave them though.

The victim and anyone standing next to them I believe - the “aggro range” is tiny though.


So story npcs and religion trainers are the ultimate in the way of good natured doormats. got it!

Ahh…so much like the trainers and named npcs then. Well I suppose we cant let a mere flesh wound get in the way of a sale now.

Joking aside, great answers and clarity, thanks Mikey. As soon as I heard the aggro range was tiny, I breathed a huge sigh of relief. I had been too affraid to enslave anyone in Supermeru yet, just in case virtually the entire city became hostile for an absurdly long time. Thanks!


I think Mickey covered everything. I generally set up a wheel of pain outside of town (forgive the pun) and go to town on the locals. The best I’ve found there so far is a Fighter Captain and a Taskmaster Master. He’s let’s you build chain bindings at the torturers table.

At most three or four tightly clustered locales have gotten pulled into any fight I’ve had.

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Yeah that was exactly what I am thinking now. In addition to my base, I already have a wheel of pain outside New Asgarth, The Black Galleon and near the Volcano obelisk.

Yeah this was welcomed news. Now we explore the possibilities, and go on a different kind of shopping trip in Supermeru. Mwahaha.

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What I tend to do in Seperamaru is clear a path to where my wheel is so I can kite NPCs towards that area and away from any points where pathing NPCs or respawning NPCs might come across me as I’m trying to knockout or kill others … rather deadly if you are taking on two to knock out one and another two who have respawns close by get into the fight if you roll back into them. And very annoying if the respawned NPCs are ones you want to capture as well and just to survive you have to slaughter them all.

Sheesh. When I read that title, I thought this was some kind of advocacy group. Something like “People Against Violence Towards Non-Hostile NPCs”. But it seems to be full of people just butchering their way through Sepermeru.


funcom should impliment a way to nockout and inslave advocacy ppl against violence towards non hostile npc aka “agopavtnhnpcs Thralls”

they should be added to the game in my opinion.


Are you talking about the Slave Union? :wink:

Heh. In the Exiled Lands, you’re either for violence, or you’re dead.

In all fairness, the inhabitants of Sepermeru have the audacity to sell ice tea at 5 silvers per cup. They’re due for a butchering.


I wanted to play the game without killing anyone with my previous character. You know, just knock out hostile people instead of chopping them to bits. (This was before I found out that blunt arrows do so much damage that the target dies before losing consciousness…)

Then a Darfari cannibal shot me while I was climbing a wall so I cut him down, then proceeded to murder all his friends too even though they had nothing to do with the incident (although I’m sure they would’ve happily eaten me had the aggressor succeeded in what he was doing).

I’m man enough to admit I had made an error of judgement in my earlier approach towards human life. That one Darfari archer from Cannibal’s Rest whose name I never learned taught me a valuable lesson, for which I am eternally grateful.


All of the non-hostile npcs around them will turn hostile if you attack them however. They can also be captured. Like the dancers in Conan’s bar.

I’ve got a few “Mitra Worshiper” archers that were hanging out with the teacher, just for the hell of it.

I had considered this with a character too lol. Although it would be impossible to practice any of the religions without murdering people. My trade off is to try to avoid killing anyone that doesn’t attack me first, so it’s just self defense. Justifiable homicide.

It would be cool if you could check their inventories and rob unconscious npcs too.

Well…we are ‘advocating’ for ‘new employment opportunities’ and ‘restful sleep’ within the city. We could argue that they are types of advocacy…

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