Visual tool to see land claim and despawn area

As the title say, we need a tool to see the range of our claimed land and despawn influence. This game has a AMAZING building system but it lacks control. Its ridiculous we cant see some of the most important details when building, which is how far our controller land reaches and how much we are effecting the respawn points (creatures and natural resources) in the area.

We should have a tool like the repair hammer, but it would allow us to see the entire zone influence of our structures and when targeting a single object its own radius. People would have a much easier time avoiding natural resources and filling gaps in their claimed land.


That would be amazingly useful.

:face_with_raised_eyebrow: I would just like to see it without a tool while you are placing building pieces or other place-able, so you can place outside the resource area or spawn area. Land claim is different on every server so this should have really been here at launch! Along with “you cannot build near” 100+ blocks in any direction of any of the games main content like passageways or spawns that would keep stuff from spawning.

You should see what you’re going to wipe out for resources and also be told you cannot build here if it would prevent spawns or block passages. Especially useful in pve as you cannot destroy another players building that’s in the way!

Would also be nice to see how other players building near you are effecting your land claim too. :thinking:


Definitely! It would be even better see the influence outlines when placing building pieces! The idea of a tool came into my mind because I thought it should be easier to implement. But any kind of visualization form would be much appreciated and needed! This game deserves something like that.


It would break immersion. Did Conan have magic land-claim boundary lines appear for him when he was building a hut?

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‘Life is Feudal’ has a visual tool for seeing claims. A certain area of claim area keeps Trolls from blocking you in your own base… isn’t it great how you can carry tons of pre-made foundations and instantly create structures in seconds without any real construction time? Not.

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I think people forget this is a game and is suppost to be fun. No Conan would not have land-claim at all because he would take whatever, whenever he wants! It’s all eventually his by Crom! The world is not going to tell Conan he cannot build here, but the game needs to or we’d have people building on top of each other on top of each other. As it is we cannot build on top of other peoples bases so you should know where the lines are…

It breaks immersion more to me when you logon to play another day and all vegetation around you including animals are gone.

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And this is exactly what happens to almost every new player. They are not familiar with the land claim / despawn radius and its more than common see newcomers destroy a LOT resources building too close to them.

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