Volcano thrall bugs

Game mode: Private Testlive
Version: 102194/18471
Problem: Bug

So today we went to vulcano to catch lvl 4 taskmaster.

What a pain, not just that she was going directly to the lava after she spawned and killed herself…when we caught her she usually fall to the texture…and so on. Like 6x tries, 3 hours. What a waste of time…and You guys are releasing patch for audio and text writing modification…no wonder that the community is outrageous.

Yeah, capturing thralls from the well of skelos is quite the challenge indeed…
This damm lava killed half my thralls when draggin them to my bridge stairs…
True, Risa is as dumb as snakes and scorpions and will sometimes be dead before you arrive but most of the times i arrive before it happens.

Due to the silly loading screen at the cave. You need a skybridge to the Well to essentially be able to wheel them.