Wacky Weights and Waits


Yes, another thread addressing encumberance and object weight. Have you ever checked on your base and discovered that someone has built a massive t3 next door over night? Have you been raided by vault builders? It seems many ‘unrealistic’ occurances stem from the weight/wait system. Had there been a time requirement for the building of structures and massive items like vaults, many players might not fall victim so easily. Others have also suggested this, but why not have a construction workbench? It holds raw materials that are slowly gathered (due to their proper weight) and then enable ghost pieces to be constructed by Thralls. The more Thralls assigned to the construction work bench, the more volume of building and speed of construction based on the ghost pieces layout… much like the catapult assemblage.


I do not want to have to wait to create my building because someone else doesn’t want competition.
I do not want to chase after thralls before constructing a building.
Setting a workbench on the raw terrain will cause it to decay faster than if it were placed on building foundation.


A system of building with Thralls would initially limit the scale of t1 buildings to whatever limit the developers decide an individual could manage. Playing on servers choked with ginormous building is lag-tastic. Fortunately buildings at least have a decay rate. A time frame for building structures by using Thralls would hinder ‘competition’ from constructing a t3 siege tower next door to your base while you are offline for an hour. Having forewarning of aggressive building intentions would give defenders a chance to counter… instead of rage quitting the game after they’ve been raided once. Players in a small clan are already at a major disadvantage from larger clans. Why not add a mechanism to slow down the pace?


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