Walking on air at login

Game mode: pc online pve private server
Type of issue: login floating on air as if falling
Server type: pve
Region: america

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See above. Login to character animating as if falling through the air instead of standing on ground where he should be. Usually can be fixed by relogging. 9 login attempts last time I tried to play and still floating/falling. This is enough now.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. login to a server
  2. witness bug

The way I do it seems to cut down on how much it happens. For me, if I log out in an empty room and log back in, there is no floating on air…until I get outside onto a different buildings foundation. then I have to log out and back in. At which point everything is good to go. It’s better than having to log in 10 times in a row.

For what it is worth, I often get this now that my base is quite large, and my solution has been to go into the game as normal, but then to immediately to exit back out to the Main menu. I then jump back onto the server and all fine and no running on air.

I suspect this is a memory thing or something to do with the temp files that the game generates in the background. Either way, if I start a game running on air, I do the above and no more issues. This has worked every time, whether on private or official server registered for my global region.


This has been reported so many times… here’s one from almost a year ago.

it should have been added to the common issue thread, along with many other things that should be on there. it would be so simple and help so many people…

I found something out the other day. It is directly related to this but not sure how. Maybe a mesh issue or rendering… I don’t know. This is what I did. I have made posts about this so I will make it short.

When I log in to the game now I login in an empty room. This stops me from walkin on air all the time. However, when I leave this room and go outside to a different building It starts. So I have to log out and back in. This ends it for me. No more walkin on air.

The other day I was thinkin about this so I started to remove doors around the place I was buggin out. Then I got the idea to remove the entire door frame and replace it with a wall right at the point I was buggin.

When I replaced the door frame with a wall (I just replaced, didn’t destroy the door frame and put up new) it blew up. It didn’t do the normal animation for a wall being destroyed it literally blew in all directions. Next time I logged in there was no walkin on air. All there was was the camera going through the wall in a certain place. So I still had to log out and back in but there has to be something to this. I mean the way it blew up was weird. That’s all I gotta say, lol.

-i cannot read base game files so this is speculation-

Every block in a connected base gets consolidated on a single parent block. The walking on air bug is caused when a section of blocks get read separately and thus loaded separately.

Anything that forces a reload of the initial parent block(s?) would have a chance to load correctly and correct the graphical bug.

Sounds reasonable to me.

would be nice to login and not have go through all this jazz and just play the game. just sayin


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