Wall cracks and holes

i noticed when placing walls that sometimes theres this long vert crack between them, not sure if this is meant to happen or not, but it needs removed from the game. its like my guy is a moron who cant build eventho he is a master mason, plus from what i understand theres a glitch with them where people can pass through them and gain access to your base

If there’s a long vertical crack you have likely placed a facing in and out next to each other.

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yup thats exactly whats happening, i just think they need to fix this, im not spending x3 resources fixing a wall that refused to face the right way even tho the wall below it was correct they default backwards. its a major flaw in the building in this game.

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You could just pay attention to where youre placing stuff. Its not that hard to read whether or not the “Outer wall” in large black letters is mirrored or not…

actually in many cases it hard to read, sometimes theres ruble in the way from something i just removed or the angle is off sometimes the words dont show up very well specially sduring a sand storm and so.

besides that if i stopped and had to check it EVERYTIME, it would take a month to build anything int his game.

While I agree that the exterior of your house all should have outer wall facing out by default, it literally takes like 2 seconds to make sure it says outer wall properly before placing the wall.

If you’re building in T3 take the extra 2 seconds to make sure.


i always build t1 to start to save materials on screw ups, then upgrade to t3 and bypass t2 never have prolly never will use t2 lol, but yea it takes 2s per wall, x100 walls is a good lil chunk of time

Always a smart choice to frame out things in T1.

Agree that T2 is pretty much a waste, I used T2 once in only a few spots to get the journey step done lol 2 doorframes and 2 doors.

But even with 100 walls, it’s a little over 3 minutes time meanwhile it would take longer than 3 minutes of gathering and processing time to remake it.


oh i have given up on fixing mine, once its down its down, newish policy of mine. i dont have all day well i do but im not wasting more time on it, my ocd hates me for it but, meh im hoping they see this and do something about it, changing the design so that there are no wood frames on the backside, stone on both sides would fix this i think