Wall placement by default

can we get it so that when we go to place a wall its ALWAYS facing us? tired of wasting so many materials cause it randomly switched it, also can we get rid or reduce the amound of debri from deconstruction? they clutter the game too much for building and cause lag

Or if you have a stack of walls, after orienting the first one, ‘all’ of the others in that stack should keep facing the same direction until you put them away instead of randomizing every time you place one.

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eeeeeexactly, its so annoying right


Walls should also retain the orientation of those being replaced, but they often do not. But the above suggestion would fix that problem too.
Other than these weird, random default orientations, I think the building in this game is pretty good.

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that or they need a redesign of them where the inside looks like the otside, i personally dont care for the wood framework specially on the stonebrick