Walled Around Our Base


Hello everyone, somebody walled around our base to only grief us. We can’t get out of the base because he put spikes on our wall. We can probably destroy the walls but that guy is griefing us for almost 2 weeks since we started.

This is on server Official server 1141

I have screenshots but i can’t post them.


1141? Some players here will tell that it is normal it is a sandbox game. One of my post on this server is hidden (foundation spamming), again it is normal.

To be able to post pictures, be a little active on the forum, like and read some posts, reply … it is fast.

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How is that normal? It’s not how it’s meant to be played. He has thousands of hours in this game while we 2 have 300 hours combined yet he can’t raid us. Everytime he comes with like 100 jars he dies and just because of that he is trying to grief us every possible way.

I agree with you, but it is normal on officials servers because no one care about.

What is your base location on the map? I can come to take pics.

In order to not get your topic closed and unlisted, I would suggest using the appropriate reporting channel:


For some reason i can’t use direct message.

You can demolish those walls and make more claim around your base with vaults/altars.
Try to connect your base to a no-build area such as a vault or the maelstrom (on isle of siptah) or a NPC camp/obelisk (on exiled lands). This will prevent you from being walled in.

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It is not allowed to post anything we see that is against the rules, exploits, undermesh, griefing, spamming …


It is allowed to dont follow the rules on officials servers because there will be no action from FC. (Or it will come months later when players has already move from the server, so nothing will happen).

Narelle, see this just posted (not by me!) :

You connect to this server and you clean, it is fast and simple.

Honest players should deserve a little more respect from you with fast actions when they send you everything (server, location, pics …).

It will be taken care of as soon as the mods see it :slight_smile: If the person doesn’t report it properly, the chance to be resolved is close to 0.

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I was about to put some spam foundations in the morning, but i was late. I didn’t think people would get this much petty…

Build off the ground or on solid rock and have multiple exits.
One one base we even have an underwater escape passage.

The thing is we’ve spent a lot of resources for this base and we really like it. We don’t want to move. And also he started to turn the walls to star metal and putting vaults around.

Just move. Honest some battles aren’t worth it and by the sounds of it he has you out resourced so you can’t fight back. The better play would be to regroup, get grinding and then go and wipe him from the map.


Funcom won’t lift a finger to remove undermeshers even when we give them videos of them going in and out of the mesh using 3-4 different specific exploits. You have even less chance of a resolution to griefers…so …welcome to Official Servers sadly where the jerks always seem to win :confused: and new adoptees of the game probably quit or move on.

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Then suffer from bad gamers, that would be choice B for us.

Sounds like you’ve already won…lol. Play HIS game, build him in. And its a PVP server, so almost anything goes, get used to it. Also once you’ve destroyed his build, start building outlying towers to stop him from walling you in. Always try to build alongside a no build area, so people cannot build you in.

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