Walled in Conflict server

Me and another guy were fighting and got into his base, he then left and shut the door. Now I am trapped and we are in a stale mate. Just chalk it up to the pitfalls of PvP? Or can something be done about it so this cheap tactic can’t happen? It’s very exploitable.

I like this as a tactic, but I see how it’s not really fair. Entering someone else’s house/base/castle to attack them is almost a death sentence.

Maybe if we could make doors only destructible on these servers. I’d like to be able to break into someone’s house and murder them in the middle of the night, even if I can’t blow up their house.

Thing with that is you could just wall yourself up real quick when you log off take 2 seconds. Then when you log back in just break a wall to get out.

Yea, everybody would be building/removing walls instead of building doors.

LOL, He ended up dying and spawning back in his base. (he had no choice then but to let me out) what he could have done was wall up quickly outside and log off. Then I would have been stuck there until I starved or dehydrated to death (would have lost all my gear and inventory).

Or I could have logged off to and the stale mate would have continued. Or he could have just chosen to never let me out period and wait for me to die, me killing him at that point in his base wouldn’t have mattered, he had nothing by then.

You see how this is a problem?

Yeah, I can see how someone could place some foundation tiles on either side of a road and then just pop up a house around them when someone walks in the “trap zone”. lol

But other than that just don’t attack people in their bases.

I couldn’t just let him run in there and hide. I never would have forgiven myself.

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If you logged off, your body would have remained. He could have signed back on and murdered you.

Personally I don’t see an issue here. You need to be prepared for raiding and the base getting raided for the most part has the advantage when the player is online.

I got locked into a base before and needed to wait for my clan mates to rescue me took hours…
I have had people run into my base when they try to gank me and I kill them and take their stuff … no way am I letting them out.
I have people trying to raid my base … I will bring a black rhino over and then pull my bracelet to port back inside if you are trying to break in.
All raiding mechanics and lessons learned.

What is a black rhino going to do?

They’re quite easy to defeat, though it takes a long time.

If you aggro’d one onto a player, all they’d have to do is kite it away 30 feet, climb a wall and it loses aggro and walks away. Jump down and continue on with whatever.

The time spent attacking something else is the time gained of them not attacking your base. if they are not prepared the rhino will own them.

This is a Conflict server, read the title. There is no base raiding. You are stuck in this situation. That’s the point, if it were strait up PvP it would be my bad and I better have friends to rescue me if not I deserve what happens there wouldn’t be an issue.

I play single player so perhaps my line of thought here is flawed, but it seems to me that if there’s no base raiding, maybe you shouldn’t go in someone else’s base.

If they run inside to get away, leave them be or camp outside and wait. Is it possible to set traps in front of their door?

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