Stuck in another's base after clan was disbanded

Well, as the title says, I was invited to clan and we’ve played an entire day. I logged out at a particular base, found out the clan was disbanded, and now I’m stuck inside it. Just a wooden door and two windows on the 3rd floor.

I’m on an official PvP server but I have awesome gear so I’d rather not lose it.
Any solutions?

Pull the bracelet, and grind resources to raid your base

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Can you not break the door during PVP-time?


A simple wooden door has 2500 hp, Id imagine you could break it down if you have good gear. Assuming 30 hp per strike, that would be about 83 swings.


you only do 1 dmg per hit. Can you log off by a wall or outer window? iF SO, LIE DOWN AND SPIN YOUR BODY SO IT HAS SOMETHING STICKING THRU IT. Then you could have a friend scoop you when you do.

Depending on roof and size, And location. Can you place bed roll outside of window? and as above mention, use one of emotes to get your body half out of wall. (near window)

Yank bracelet, rez at bedroll and see if any of you or skull pile ended up outside. Or try and nab urself thru window. XD

Otherwise, see if any of clan is on server, (if it was disbanded? or you were kicked to get your loot)

Another method is to drop stuff at window and have friend pick it up. XD

If you have enough stuff craft junk weapons, break door down during pvp time, or get help taking it out from outside.


Well, lol, thanks for the suggestions, fellas.

I’ve eventually was able to die by one of the windows, then I grabbed my loot as I was climbing fro the outside.

But good to know I have several other ways in case it happens again, lol

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