Want Some Ichor With That?

When attacking the Abysmal Remnant, there should be yellow blood spewing out instead of the regular blood because he grants ichor.

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Blood is always red - unless it’s old. If you want a colour change for blood. How about black blood for all undead creatures.

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Ichor isn’t blood. It’s essentially something akin to pus. It’s not exactly formed instantly when you cut the flesh, but more later on, if it were infected or the like. Or in some cases of the monsters, it’s more like the stomach contents than their blood.

In pathology, “ichor” is an antiquated term for a watery discharge from a wound or ulcer, with an unpleasant or fetid (offensive) smell.[5]


Very informative, I wasn’t quite sure what ichor was.

Except I’m not hungry anymore now. >_>

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