War-horn buff for sieges

A base defense buff from warhorns would be nice. Or maybe a war banner, maybe some kind of flag for pvp ready bases for those who like a good challenge.

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i’d like the ability to “buff” thrall in a way… i’d love a bard NPC that buffs nearby thralls… but I doubt it will happen lol… likely to unbalanced! as for the flags… that would just mark out the bases to not raid lol… much easier pickings then a base that is ready for an attack

Unbalanced?.. They could put a cool down on it. No less balanced than god bubbles I should think, and still take building damage just decreased is all.

Ooh, what about using the horn to make you defencive thralls, or even just archers, have their agro range doubled and their aggression turned up. So, basically, they turn mad.

It would make targeting the horns funny during a raid.

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I like the idea of a alert system… a signal to rally the defences… as for weare138s statement there will always be people who would complain that its “to easy” to make use of that. it would then likely get nerfed into a minor (unnoticeable) buff… or such short term you have to hit it every 30 seconds lol. the other option would be to make it require resources to activate… either way it would quickly lose the neat factor and become a rarely used/ grindy item.

or perhaps i’m being a pessimist…

There ya go, that horn should be like a last ditch moral boost. But as of now it serves no purpose and you can hardly even hear it.

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Or it could give enemies a feet debuff.

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