Warmakers weapons and armour

Just finished warmakers for the first time solo. To make the armour I’d need to complete the dungeon at least 5 more times in order to make both sets of armour.
So my question is are the armours and weapons worth it? And if so why are they?

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You need 70 armor scarps with a T4 armorer.

Every rusted piece is 20 (with T4 its 10).
And every godbreaker piece is 8 (with T4 its 4).

So with a T4 armorer, you need 70. Without You need 140.

Do you use heavy armor yourself? If no, I dont know if it is worth… I have >100 scraps and didnt make it yet, as I give my thralls silent legion and I am using Sobek + DLC middle armor parts.

Boots have the same efect like the Nemedian helmet -> when taking dmg, it reparis your main hand weapon.


Subjective info requested here, your “worth it” could be different that mine. It provides over 1000 armor rating and is basically considered thrall armor by the PvP community. There are other advantages but it is heavy armor. If that doesn’t bother you then you may want to invest the time.

Heavy armour is my thing that’s why I’m wondering. I like the high values and the extra benefits. Plus the dodge is my personal preference.
And what about the weapons?

There are better weapon drops from the bosses in the dungeon than the crafted weapons from there.

Annihilation I know of and have. Are there any others I should grind for?

If one wear both, will the effect stack ? (Meaning the weapon/tool be repaired faster)

Nope. Effect doesnt stack.

But it works on your thrall too. At least the Nemedian.

Here you have a list + links to the wiki:

World-breaker: hammer which ignores all armor.
Maybe Derketos voice bow, Balias (sword) and Mordlun (spear) are also not bad.
For PvP the Axe of the gate guardian maybe not so bad (corrupts on hit) and the buff-recipes.

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Touch of Yog!

Axe with 40% base armor pen, hits like a truck. Apply more Pen to it and you will be three hitting peeps in medium Armor.


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