Warning: Black Hand tent may disappear if

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Warning: if you place a Black Hand tent in your camp, and it touches some of your other stuff, the tent may disappear into thin air, if you pick up the thing it touches.

I had a Gaff Rig (the small “fan shaped” tent) that touched two of my worktables. When I returned one of the worktables to my inventory, the Gaff Rig completely disappeared.

Lesson I’ve learned from this: if I manage to find another Gaff Rig, I will pick up the tent before attempting to move anything in the vicinity of that tent.

Geez man, this game has so many infuriating bugs …

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Be sure to read How to be a pro PC bug hunter (PLEASE READ)

Hey @Ignasi,

Could this be moved to the pc bugs section please?

Edit: could this thread be closed please? A bug report has been created here: Black Hand tent disappeared when I removed a worktable that it touched

This post was meant as a warning for other players - just as it says in the title.
Anyone looking for relevant information on Black Hand tents would be able to benefit from it.

I created a proper bug report as well.

What seems to be the issue?

People who see the bug report will know there’s something wrong. The discussion forums are for discussion. Not much of an issue. Anyhow, the forums tend to stick to one post per individual case to keep track easily.

This happens with many placeables.

Example. If you put cups on a table. Remove the table and it makes the cups vanish.

Do not put a rug on the floor and put a station on top. If you try and remove the rug again you will blow up the stations.

This happens with most placeables that are put on them or if they are on top of things. The game will not produce a bag for these items.

Just as a reference

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