Warpaints are permanent until you use Sloughing Fluid

A slot where Warpaint go. This fixes the bug with Warpaints for ps4 and it increase the fluid value.


Right now sloughing fluid is worthless.

I rather keep my warpaint on. Also this idea increase sloughing fluid value.

It would be cool if they added tattoos as a permanent item then. Paint is meant to wear off over time

The sloughing fluid is crying. If warpaints were permanent it would add a strategy to them. Also force you to use a sloughing fluid when you want to change warpaints.

TBH I have to mess around with warpaint, haven’t touched it much since they fixed it.

My idea increase warpaint and sloughing fluid value. A clan doesn’t want to waste effort or resources to make warpaints could trade (when trading is added to the game). Sloughing fluid being forced to apply to change warpaints adds value to it.

I want to add a new war paint. Clan warpaint. It a warpaint that says your clan on your arms,legs and lower back.

Trade is already in the game, whether it’s NPC trade in the city of the relic hunters, or striking up trade with a random person

Question: how many players use sloughing fluid?

Answer: Few or none.

Making this fluid is a waste of time. As of now.

My idea increase value of both warpaints and the fluid. And more people using fluid makes it not useless.

what strategy? push two buttons instead of single one? it actually makes warpaint extremely cheap if it applies permanent, it cost must be increased by x10 or more in such case

The idea of permanent warpaint until remove adds a strategy to warpaint paints.

It forces a player to pick a warpaint paint and plan ahead.

Do you use sloghing fluid? I didn’t think you did.

As of now appy a paint then chose another. My idea forces an extra step. Add a paint, use sloughing fluid then chose another paint.

Warpaint should last for ever until death or getting washed away with sloughing fluid. So i agree with your suggestion!


Arguing that sloughing fluid should have more use in order to justify permanent paints is weak at best. Sloughing fluid doesn’t need more use. It doesn’t have to be anything more than a concession for players who want to remove a paint that they hate the look of, but don’t want to wait for the timer to expire. It’s a nicety and nothing more.

Paint is a nothing more than a buff. It operates the same way as armor or potions. Armor degrades with use and potions expire, as does warpaint. It consumes resources, which seems to me is the important point that your suggestion is missing.

If warpaint lasted forever, then if you only wanted to wear the +strength warpaint, you could wear it and have the buff forever…therefore rendering the entire mechanic useless and the feat points.

Learn it once, make it, wear it, respec and never learn the feat again meanwhile keep the buff forever!

Just another poorly thought out Bryan idea.

Um… They nerfed war paint so that it doesn’t last forever anymore… Just thought I’d point that out… (Though I don’t see why a “permanent” buff that stacks on top of our skill points is such a “Broken” thing… (Though now that I think of it, we should bring back “permanent” war paints and then let us make a throw-able item out of the sloughing fluid… that can be used to forcefully remove other peoples war paints.)

Just an extra layer of fun where a person has to consider that they might get hit with sloughing fluid while out farming so they’d know they can’t count on that buff in combat…


@Terrordoll and SirMang did you two forget about the other warpaints. There are warpaints that add 0 to stats.

Forcing Sloghing fluid would force planning on a warpaint.