Was flawless DLC armor nerfed

In the private server I started out in, flawless Turanian and Aquilonian armore gave my character plus two heat and cold resistance. Here in an official server, both only show heat and cold resistance one. Were both flawless armore sets nerfed?

I haven’t read anything about the dlc armors being nerfed in the patch notes. However, there are two different possibilities that I can think of right now.

  1. You have only crafted the normal flawless set instead of the epic flawless version. The epic flawless version is the only one that offers 2 bars of protection.
  2. If you play on pc, that might be part of the temperature rework but I don’t really think so. I think you’re having the issue I described in (1.).

I play on pc and yes most armours (epic flawless) got nerfed as it goes for the insulation protection. Most got now 1 bar ( considering heat/cold insulation). Have not tried em out on enviroment yet though. So not sure how this change affected em

Which armors still offer two bars of heat or cold protection?

For example the flawless epic versions of Redeemed Legion, Guardian, Heavy give two bars.
Pictish Warchief and Khitan Imperial flawless epic only give one.

Then I should be able to craft epic flawless heavy, and wear it to go terrorize the frozen north.

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