Was Saga a success?


I have to say I really enjoyed the leveling process and pvping during open world. I think the pvp events were not advertised well enough for people to be involved. I am not here talking about the festival of blood that was one day in white sands next in commons dist etc but rather the fields of slaughter and group/solo events, which were actually usually off limits for all but a few guilds.

I think those festivals of blood should have been in every zone through level caps because I felt we missed out on pvping in places like AA, ymir pass, thunder river etc.

The quest reward for saga was …okay and a bit lack luster at the end. I think the real goal for many people was to get higher level in pvp and this saga server was a chance for people without any lvl 10 pvp characters to achieve that in order to be able to compete on fury after saga end. Unfortunately, those who have already got pvp 10 characters on fury are people who have pvp 10 characters anyway so nothing really gained for newbies to pvp from this server experience and many really just gave up after saga quest concluded because of the exclusionary nature of the saga server as a whole to access events and be involved.

The main difference I felt between this saga and last saga was that towards the end of the saga of zath there was a strong community feeling to help everyone achieve the quest and support them through the raiding tiers, the stronger guilds and players supporting those new to the game. I think on the whole this worked and we had a bolster of new members to crom.

I guess we will have to see if the same thing will happen on fury and whether or not the new players to the game and to pvp felt they were really accepted and helped by the pvp community to get involved. We shall wait and see but I do feel that there is a lack of support from pvpers for newbies to achieve lvl 10 and it is about making it impossible for them to get something that they wouldn’t normal have (which is the essence of the saga idea and thats why I have a t6 weapon and so happy with that).

If there is ever another pvp saga I will hope that the devs design it to be more easily accessible for newbies to learn pvping without the help of the pvp community because it does seem there is a sense that it is a closed community. I am not sure how that is done or whether people will be engaged enough to try again. I get the sense that I likely will not as I think it just a community that really is self protective on its elitist nature.

I hope I haven’t been too harsh and maybe I have got it all wrong but it is just how I have come away from saga with a feeling that it was fun up to a point, until selfishness became a common theme and pvp 10’s from fury guild would just prevent anyone getting to the point of a competitive level.

I would like to say thanks to those in the pvp community that did help other non-pvpers to get involved. Those who shared feats, helped people that didn’t know what they were doing etc. Or welcomed non-pros into their guilds and made them feel welcome. And it was a really great experience to see the skill of the fury players, I mean that!

I know the saga is still going but its kinda a graveyard now so share how your feelings are on this saga! Am I talking rubbish:) probably…


I disagree completely.

As I write this i have 30 member online. 150 online was the peak. All were new players. I get tells daily from pvers and rprs that they really enjoyed this saga WAY better then the last one. Alot less stress. The community from Sleves to Sarhal and Midian, Kudra and Eiscreme…khopshef boys were all super welcoming and nice. Not nearly like the toxicity of the PVE saga (at least from my perspective).

Most of the new players have been given a really fun pvp experience here. The new player friendly guild is still 1300 strong. Many had fun learning to siege learning the basics of pvp and now have a pvp equipped toon with some AAs. They builts a t3 city renown 10 in such a short time and battlekeep and had fun doing it!

So from the leader of the guild that has the bulk of the saga members. i would say with a resounding yes…definitely successful. Most want to actually stay on fury. Thats amazing. Certainly says alot about the pvp community and how mature and welcoming they have been…orders of magnitude more so then the pve server.


If anything we can all agree it was a huge financial success


Have you heard that saying “you reap what you sow”, Satetka? I dont condone toxicity off course and sorry it happened to you but considering your behaviour on Crom for several years Im not very suprised.

Anyway, great if you and others stay on Fury when Saga closes it doors. Would be nice with two somewhat active servers in AOC.


For the most part, if I asked someone for help they did, even if they talked trash in global a lot. Some are not welcoming at all and don’t want to help people because they probably fear they might lose their “pro” image they cannot achieve in other games that keep players evenly geared. Skill gap in aoc is huge because it is a hard game to master.

The idea that pvp event areas be spread to several locations is both good and bad. It is bad because people would just be “farming” the events with alts. But…it is what is happening now with having only one going too. Because the same ten players are just farming alts, or random new players clueless of whats going on.

Yesterday I saw a dude in my guild, pvp lvl 5, giving kills to pvp 10 and 8 players so they could win group arena. This is complete cuckold behavior on all parts. Not sure what can be done to fix this though? Mini game grind only thing to do?


Sure, Saga may have given a lot of active players, problem is, Crom has problems now. They hurt their own game while the servers are still divided. There should be 1 server with PvP instance option for every map/location and that would be good. Dividing population hurts the game severely.


well i did alot of sowing on SAGA blood and reaped many friends…soooow


I think it was a success. I know we had things we would have wanted differently, but overall I have enjoyed playing on this Saga.
Apart from that, also meeting new players to the game (who prefer pvp) but rock in pve, haha. They never did Coils, Wyrm or Chaos etc. , but play it like they never did anything else, and a tank in pvp-gear solo tanking Sepulcher of the Wyrm like a pro (and all with nice attitudes).
Lots of good hours, so thank you all for that :slight_smile:


Technically sucess of saga was 100% determined by the community. All that FC did was making toons start from zero, implement one quest and tune stats on 2 items… while the idea of saga=season is copied its sad that a season does not even give something noteable not be able to obtain before besides minor stats tweaking or cosmetic…


I do believe Saga did a comeback considering the 1st week of fails:

lvl 80 ring
lots of crashes
shop gear being OP compared to white sands / tortage stuff
class balance / development being really poor at lvl 18

it also took some time for people to learn the ropes, but there’s still a way to go in terms of developing stronger communities / PvP guilds, or call them groupings. I know this goes for my “group” aswell, for next time will have to adjust a bit.

along the way I think people started to appreciate it, as we saw a lot of lowbie dungeon runs, giving pve players and pve/pvp hybrid player some fun aswell. might do a feedback post about the entire thing.


As number 1 recruiter I keep my eye on who is online all the time.

At one point I counted 1000 people online. Funcom confirm?

At one point in my guild alone 150 online.

At other points some zones had 4 instances.

More then these metrics we had alot of fun.

This saga was a big success and maybe made enough money to convey further development interest.


lot of what you see as a success, I do not. Having more than 1/2 of the population in the same guild does not in my opinion make for good competitive game play.

I strongly disagree with your methods of aggressive requirement . While the overall population was strong pre-80, it really fell off fast once people complete the Saga of Blood quest goals.

The leaderboards were misleading at best and lead to questionable gameplay at worst (Alt farming, In guild Minis beyond training…).


For Saga being a success, it diverted people who couldn’t understand the game and threw them into a steep learning curve that made them utilize the different ways to progress in the game and take full advantage of the various options funcom provided to enhance gaming experience for the player. The lack of experience was greatly made up for and taught many of players how to utilize the different options Funcom provided allowing for a bigger player base.
That is one thing that is not missed, the toxic attitude of the some people and their guilds over on Crom that carried over into the Saga Pvp server, but that is something that will not change.

I had to edit this post because people found it offensive the first time around and flagged it multiple times. The joys of social justice and not wanting to hear objective opinions.


Overall saga was a success. It had somethings it could’ve done better, most already stated, but one that should also be pointed out. There was a lack of team/guild focused objectives for the playerbase to pursue. This is the biggest letdown in my opinion. I’d rather win as part of a team than as an individual


I agree I would have loved to have seen some team oriented prizes or guild related motivations.