Was there a wipe?

been offline for about 10 days, i figured i have stuff decay, BUT, their is NO structures around, and they where extensive, (not mine other players) did i miss a wipe or something?

Check your event log, if you are playing on an official server the decay is set to 6 days.

Edit: there is no, and there will be no wipe on official servers, if you are playing private, consult your admin.

ya, i figured i had decayed, but there is literally no structures anywhere to be seen, and i was beside 3 considerable builds, so thought maybe i missed something

Have you ever seen an entire building fall by decay? I had this opportunity a few days ago, everything just falls and only loot is left for some time … needless to say this was a very lucky day for me! :blush:


I watched a bridge with a map room decay. It was interesting because only certain sections decayed. Any structure supported by this sections collapsed as well. However certain parts that had enough stability did not fall until later decay occurred.

So if a structure is held up by one key piece and that piece decays, you can see a huge collapse. This is why it xan also be dangerous to make a huge trophy wall. We had one at our castle, but an offline purge took out a few key foundation pieces and we lost a ton of trophies.

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