Was this always a thing? Gaining Exp passively

Greetings Folks-

I started a new Character on a new PVE Official Server.

While I was sitting idle, I went up a level.

Curious about this, I went to look at my current Exp, and sure enough I was gaining Exp passively while just standing there.

Its been awhile since I made a new character, but I don’t recall this happening in the past.

Is this intended?
Was this always a feature?

Thanks for reading.

Yes, leveling passively has always be a thing.

Back around May of 2017 when the game was still in early access, I knew a guy who would fall asleep at the keyboard.
Then wake up with his character a few levels higher, but naked standing near his spawn point.
Steel was top tier armour back then, and I think he said he lost around 8 or 9 full sets by falling asleep.


At least in Elder Scrolls: Oblivion you had to put a weight on the keyboard to keep the “run” button pressed before going to sleep to gain exp. Kids these days have it way too easy.

Passive exp was a sort of bonus for surviving the lands themselves. When the game was in early access, the environment was much harsher and harder to survive in.

There is a slider for this exp amount as well.

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