Water Buildings Suggestions

I’m about to build a huge and cool village over water and maybe a wall to enclose it, on a PVE server, but i have a doubt…
Should i use foundations from bottom till top of the water making the square? Or should I use the foundations to make a “square” from bottom till top and them use ceilings to make the floor? Ou maybe only use pillars in whole place? Or anything else you coul suggest me?
Thanks ^^

When I see this done it is usually pillars from the bottom of the water to the surface then ceiling tiles for the flooring. Not sure if this is ever affected by the purge.

I used pillars and it worked well. Entrance from a hatch on the bottom w/ ladder. Purge proof. Not impossible to raid, but a bit of a PITA.

On my single player game i have pillars going from the bottom to the top of the water and then use ceiling tiles as the flooring for the first level.

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