Water texture is wierd, cant see threw

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water texture since the new update seems really wierd, red’ish, not blue like before.
also i cant see threw the water at all.
I’m playing on official server 1043 EU so no mods here.

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  1. cheak every water source
  2. every water source is looks wierd, not see threw, red’ish, not blue like before the update


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Agree, and the first time I saw the new texture was on Siptah in a lake. And the water was running like it was heading for a waterfall - like a torrent. In a fricken lake… I just stared at it. There was nothing wrong with the water texture before, then it got “fixed.”

After the new patch the water texture back to be blue very nice but i still cant see threw the water like before, is that intended?

here is example of what inside the water that i cant see:

what’s your in game settings?

ah well, the photo’s are taken is all low settings, but as i cheaked this, medium settings have the same issue, but high already has the water normal and see threw, like intended.
but why before I could see threw the water while i was on low settings? im playing almost 2 years and since day 1 i’m playin on low settings, what changed now?
thank you for making me notice that i didnt even think about that.

it’s been optimized recently, apparently devs took translucency as too taxing for low end devices

I would like to ask for official answer, this is intended for low-medium settings? (the pictures was taken at low settings but its the same at medium).
another pics for example : (low-medium settings):

high settings:

I’m playing only on low settings since my day 1, over 2 years from today and i never had issues with the water beeing diffrent texture becouse of my low settings, I know my potato pc I just want to cofirm this is isnt a bug and its becouse low settings and not high.

There is even a weird water source on the new Isle of Dawn from Siptah. A small pond that looks empty and dried up but if you go into it you swim in the air and make splashing animations. I’ll see if I can get a screen shot and location.

TeleportPlayer -60390.234375 294566.59375 -20650.0

This issue should be fixed with 2.4.2. See patch notes below:

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